Buy Your Favorite Foods At SM Malls Online App! No Crowds And No Pressure At All

Online shopping has numerous advantage and benefits especially in our current situation. And more and more people this days prefer buying things and favorite foods thru online over the conventional method of going into stores. It gives people convenient way of shopping especially now that it’s pandemic.

And I am one of those who love to order via online not only for things but also for food, especially since the lockdown in our area due to the pandemic and the ban on people coming out. I also often order delivery food from famous fast food chains but sometimes I crave to something else, and those are the food store outlets inside SM supermalls.

And since I missed the sisig of Gerry’s Grill and the brownies of SM Megamall I researched and found this app, so I installed it, signed up using phone number and tried it. And since their delivery area covers my area from the mall, I can easily order from them using this app.
This distance is better if you order cooked food so that you can receive it hot and freshly cooked.


SM Malls Online App also features my preferred shopping brands that is why I am confident that I will receive good food and  quality products. Moreover, this app is perfect for those persons who are afraid of the risk of getting infected by the corona virus by shopping outside of their homes.

What’s make it different to others is that it has variety of options and sales and is very easy to navigate. Very user friendly and lessen our worries to go to malls for our needs. It is definitely one click away.

Although this app is only available at large SM Supermalls such as SM Megamall and SM Mall of Asia, but sure in the next is all that of the supermalls will also have it. So let’s support this app to get more! For a hassle free and more convenient shopping! No crowds and no pressure at all!

You must try download link > Google Play Store and Apple Store

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