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Three Things to Consider When Purchasing an Industrial Freezer

Posted by on Aug 1, 2015 in Dining Tips, Food & Dining | 0 comments

Few industries around have as much specialized equipment as the food service industry. With knives, ovens, blenders, and a slew of other kitchen related necessities, restaurants and other food related businesses require a lot of planning. While every company can find the need for certain tools or equipment come and go, the commercial freezer is something that many food service operations simply can not exist without. Before investing in the device though, businesses should consider the size, style, and potential growth of the business. Size Just like any piece of large equipment, a freezer generally has a certain spot in the kitchen or storage room. That being said, making sure the unit fits appropriately in the designated space is a must. The last thing any operation needs is employees trying to navigate around a bulky freezer. In addition, too small of a unit can result in gaps around the edges that require special attention when cleaning. In short, making sure the freezer is the right size for the space is the best path forward. Style Depending on the type of food service operation a chest freezer or an upright freezer could present a greater benefit. Of course, restaurant supply companies offer a host of different options eager to fit the unique needs of every...

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Choosing the Right Cup and Printer

Posted by on Jun 28, 2015 in Featured Brands & Services | 0 comments

A gelato makes a nice break during the day no matter what the season. Unique printed gelato cups enhance the goodies inside them. Advertising on the Fly Your customers may decide to have a seat in your storefront while eating their ice cream, but it is very likely they have errands to run elsewhere in town. Carrying one of your personalized ice cream cups is like sending them out the door with a small billboard in their hands. Bright colors will attractive instant visual attention, reminding passersby that they need a little snack themselves. A plain white cup hints at freshness and wholesomeness, but it is a little bland by itself. You do not need to settle for generic printing schemes, either. Put your logo on the cups and achieve instant name recognition on the street or in the office. Never Run Out of Cups When the weather heats up and temperatures soar, customers will mob your store. It is not unusual to go through a substantial stash of gelato cups on days like this, so it saves time and frazzled nerves if you choose a printing company like Gelato Products that has a quick turnaround time. You will be back in good operating order within a day or two. Keeping Costs in Line...

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7 Must-Try Canadian Food

Posted by on Jun 14, 2015 in Must-Try Food & Dining | 0 comments

When travelling to Canada, whether for your very first time or your tenth time, you probably had a chance to visit some of the famed cafés and restaurants at points along your journey. However, there is probably no way you could have tried all the marvellous Canadian foods that have earned a place in world cuisine. On this visit, take time to actually ‘experience’ these 7 Canadian foods you HAVE to try. 1) Canadian Smoked Meat Whilst Canadian smoked...

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Back to School: #PullitOff with Acer

Posted by on Jun 13, 2015 in Lifestyle | 0 comments

After several weeks of vacation and travel, it’s now time to back to school! Are you now ready for long study notes, endless reviews, challenging projects? Global tech titan, Acer got you covered! #PullitOff this school year with Aspire Switch 12, Aspire Switch 11 and Aspire Switch 10 E! Acer Aspire Switch 12 is an intuitive and immersive 5-in-1 device that can be used as a laptop, tablet with keyboard or not, or even as a desktop PC through its...

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Unilab Celebrates 70 years, Honors Unsung Heroes

Posted by on May 22, 2015 in Featured Brands & Services | 0 comments

Today, many of Unilab’s products continue to be trusted by Filipino families. The makers of household brands Biogesic, Ceelin, Neozep and Enervon, is celebrating its 70th year in the industry. Unilab wishes to recognize and give thanks to the unsung heroes of everyday who constantly embody Husay at Malasakit to their loved ones and the communities they serve, without expecting anything in return. Unilab knows how these unsung heroes embody husay at malasakit to give their best care to people...

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