When I came home from work, I received a call from the macau health government and asked me to undergo 14 days quarantine at hotel because I could have been on the bus with the person who tested positive for covid. They said everyone who have been in the bus are also being contacted to undergo quarantine to make sure that the disease was treated promptly and did not spread.

This is the way of the Macau Health Government for prevention and they will also pay all hotel expenses and swab tests during observation at quarantine.

Two hours after the call, I went to the ferry terminal where everyone contacted would meet to test again for COVID-19 (NAT) and arrange the hotel. hundreds of people were present and there were more to come.

I also found out that thousands of foreigners or residents are undergoing or will undergo quarantine in various hotels here in macau for different situations and reasons.

As most of the people under quarantine are non-residents workers such as Vietnamese, Chinese, Nepalese and Filipinos like me.


Everyone is quarantined individually in a room and not allowed to leave their room throughout the 14-day period.

All corridors in the hotels are blocked and entrances are guarded by the police. Guests are strongly recommended to stay in their room and are not even allowed to walk the corridors or head to the hotel lobby. The government has warned that leaving the room is a criminal action and has “urged” guests to strictly follow restrictions.

However the room is very spacious and does not feel cramped by any means and has a large window that allows sunlight to shine through.

Hotels are managed by hotel staff in cooperation with health personnel, and meals are delivered three times a day to all guests.

Deliveries from families are allowed to be sent to hotels once each day between 4pm to 7pm, but guests are not allowed to send out their luggage or any other belongings.

They knock on your door when they deliver your meals or stuff from your family, then they leave it in front of your door, “You then open the door to get it.”

This way, there is no contact between quarantined guests and staff.

Those quarantined must also undergo testing for COVID-19 everyday during the 14-day period.

The health staff go around the rooms to swab test each one they do right in front of your door.

You will check by yourself your temperature every day and night then write it on the paper they provided.

The hotel health care staff and macau health government will call you every other day to ask how your temperature feels and thank god i am always fine.

WiFi is the only means for quarantined guests to communicate with the outside world, “Life staying in this room is literally boring, I do nothing. I just chat with family and friends, play games, play music, watch news, watch Netflix and sleep. That’s all.”

And now my quarantine is only until tomorrow. I was suddenly able to rest for several days and be able to go back to work. I will never forget this experience!  Staying in a hotel room is much better than being sent to the hospital. 

I will always pray that the pandemic will end in all countries in the world. I thank the Macau Government for caring and providing security to all local and foreign people here in Macau. Godbless Everyone! 🙏






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