Games You Think Are Easy But Actually Challenging

Despite the busy life, juggling with work’s demand and family responsibilities, there would still a possibility that you will feel the boredom and an urge to do something to refresh your mind.

When you are trying to gather thoughts what to write but only seen blank or when you are waiting for your order in a restaurant to arrive, maybe the next thing you will do is to get your mobile phone and check your important emails and messages or social media notifications. But that too is boring.

If not to watch movie, you may play online games using your mobile phone or laptop if available. Online games should not have to be hardcore or will bleed your mind. It can be sort of relaxing or stress relieving, enjoying but challenging.

Browsing for online games while waiting for my food orders to arrive, I came across with which offer free games. I thought that the games are easy, thus, will be boring also. But curiosity led me to play the Fight Virus COVID-19 Hospital Simulation Game. At first, it was simple and effortless but as I play along, it was definitely challenging! I got frustrated that the game ended so soon because I was too slow to kill the viruses!

One game is not enough so I explore the House Painter: Online Painting Game because I love to paint. I was wrong again to judge that it was very easy because it is not! Another challenging game that you’ll get hooked on.


Surely, those games killed the monotony.

There is just one thing to note if you’re playing at – you can play unlimited or until you gave up with the challenges but you cannot save your games yet. Just play to relax and be entertained.


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