clip_image001Cutlery represents and important investment for many cooks – something like a good quality fillet knife can offer years of service if properly cared for. That’s why proper knife storage is important and it’s never a good idea to have a knife and gadget drawer where a variety of utensils are all in a jumble. If you must store knives in a drawer than cutlery protectors or a tray are essential.

Many folks prefer to store knives in a knife block and these are indeed quite handy as they keep everything all together on the countertop; the only issue is when you have knives that don’t fit in the block. Most cooks build a collection of knives over time as compared to buying a set all at once and storing such a random collection can pose a problem.

The Kapoosh® knife storage system resolves the issue nicely; this ingeniously designed knife block is more like a box filled with blades of grass. The frame is filled with hundreds of plastic rods – simply stick the piece of cutlery in and put it out as needed; the rods return to their original position and are ready to accommodate a new utensil at any time. The plastic rod insert is dishwasher safe so it can be cleaned as needed, unlike wooden knife blocks with fixed slots that collect dirt and dust and are virtually impossible to clean.

Knives should never be placed in the dishwasher even if they are marked as dishwasher safe and the hot water and heat of the drying cycle will compromise the overall integrity of the knife. Most professional chefs clean their cutlery by wiping it with a damp cloth.

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2 thoughts on “Cutlery Care & Handling

  1. i love your review and i always tell everyone that knives are weapons that are left out, to always be careful when using them and to always clean them twice so you don’t get bacteria,, just me

  2. Very interesting article. I’m going to check into this Kapoosh® knife storage system as I like the idea of keeping the knives separated. I wasn’t aware either, not to place a knife in the dishwasher, although I wash the majority of my dishes by hand since there are so few, that information is good to know. Thanks for the review.

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