UCC Consistency When Great Taste Is Accompanied With great Look

Do you love the aroma of coffee? I surely do!

Though it is known in Japan for its coffee primarily, UCC Clockwork in One Ayala Makati has established itself as a provider of high quality coffee and equally high quality food. So if you fancy a Japanese take on coffee and sweets, then this is the place.
The drinks were really good. Portion size seemed good considering how strong and acceptable the coffee was.
Thanks to my friend for inviting me to be a part of the UCC Cafe Clockwork event at Ayala One Makati City on April 5, 2024. To try out their new meals and their improved coffees.

You can see in the photo how delicious it is, how can it be when you taste it. Their meals with rice are really delicious and filling for heavy eaters.

I love this place for the atmosphere and food. I highly recommend the shrimp and mango salad for 2, the delicious beef tendon omurice, the Tuscan Chicken Spaghetti, the kori kohi for cold drinks. The staff is very nice and accommodating. It was a great coffee and foodtrip experience!

UCC Coffee Shop has successfully expanded its market by launching herbal espresso, refreshing frappuccino and health drinks. UCC Coffee Shops has become a haven for shoppers after a busy day, with branches located right in the heart of the market. Although trendy, UCC Coffee Shop has Vienna’s signature well-designed interior with a youthful atmosphere. It has become a popular meeting place where urban yuppie can hang out with friends.

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