Clover point of sale system is evolutionary and offers some of the best features in it. The whole bundle clover station 2018 comes with the clover pos 2.0. It is encased with the new standards in terms of technology and design. You will find it more useful and easier to use. The performance has been increased to match the needs of the enterprise. Certain aspect of the software is entirely changed to match the current needs of the business. An integrated and innovative payment method had been added. The tables and orders feature are more streamlined and are now easier to view and manage.

Benefits of choosing clover station 2018 

Many payment methods – The new clover hardware is specially integrated to suit the needs of the new cards and are designed in such a way that they can accept EMV and chip card seamlessly. You can accept EMV cards with the same ease without buying any extra piece of hardware. This gives your user way too many options and always make them satisfied with your service. When it comes to security then you shouldn’t be worried at all. We provide one of the best SSL protected encrypted security to all our payments. So, you have peace of mind while doing transactions. It also suits the needs of merchant account for bigger transactions.

Some important features which you get in clover station 2018

There are a lot of new features in clover which is making it different from its competitors. You will not get bundled all this feature in any other retailing solution. It offers full screen and large display than any other POS out there. A larger display means more information on the board giving you everything necessary in just one page and for that you even don’t have to scroll. The payment gateway is a lot faster which will help you save time. The printer display is on the side of the customer so that they can view the relevant details of their orders. It can be linked to inventory tracking so you can keep track of things.

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