When to Use GIFs for Email Marketing

The GIF can be tricky. This can appeal to a lot of people because it is moving but use it too much and people will not take your business seriously. This explains why some businesses steer clear from using this at all. They know that one mistake can make them lose a lot of customers.

There are also other brands who seem to have mastered the use of the GIF. The ones they send through emails get the largest views. People also click the email in order to get to their website. This is something that you also aspire, right?

There are some things that you may want your GIF to have:

  • The color should be appealing or should represent the colors that are used by your company.
  • The GIF should be creative.
  • The GIF should be engaging enough that the audience cannot help but check out the GIF soon.

Even if you know the type of GIF you should get, you need more information to make sure that it can be used properly. This is when you can check out Emma. They have expertise in different things that are related to email marketing and when to send GIFs is just one of the topics that you will learn from them.

These are some of the things that you can do to ensure that you will be sending the GIF correctly:

  • When you are trying to explain an action that people may find hard to understand.

You may think that you are already explaining the instructions the best way that you can. Yet, you still end up with people asking how the process can be done. The use of GIF can help them know what to do. They simply have to follow the steps being depicted on the GIF. Just remember that if the process is too long, a video may be more ideal.

  • You are highlighting some products.

There are some products that have not been noticed by your target audience for some time. Now is the time that you can use a GIF to bring attention to these items. Who knows, people might see the benefits of using the products and actually purchase them soon.

  • There is a promotion or discount that you want your audience to know.

This can be your way of letting your target market know that you have something special for them. They would be looking forward to your other GIF-centered emails in the future.

Just one tip to remember: using GIFs might not work for everyone especially since not all emails can support this. But, if this is done correctly, you can be assured of better participation from your audience.

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