When Every Policeman Is Trustworthy

You have to admit, when travelling in any places in the Philippines, you sometimes worried about your safety. Some travelers do not consider taking precautionary measures because they are confident that the authorities are out there to protect them.

What if the authorities who are supposed to protect you, victimized you? How safe are you now?
Some policemen lost their righteous principle to greed and perpetrate crimes which they supposed to curb. Unfortunately, they are seemingly endless.

Recently, PNP National Capital Region Police Office Director Major General Guillermo Eleazar scolded and almost lost his temper to a member of Eastern Police District (EPD), Police Cpl. Marlo Quibete, who’s being accused of extorting a drug suspect’s family.

In watching the news accounts of General Eleazar’s outburst against Quibete, I have seen a good father trying to make his son understand that what he did was wrong, bigtime.

I’ve heard comments what the general did was not enough. Maybe. But the message is clear already. Illegal activities and rogue policemen must not be tolerated and eradicated from the police force.

While we are being flooded with a list of bad cops who are involved in illegal drugs, kidnapping, extortion, moonlighting, corruption and among others, we should focus also on the good side and the potential of the policemen in the Philippines.

There are many Good Eggs in the PNP

Some police officers who recently received Medalya ng Sugatang Magiting (PNP Wounded Personnel Medal) are the following: PO3 Christina Villanueva, PO1 Arman Cañezares, SPO1 Jerry Pascual, PO1 Jonathan Peralta, PO1 Marino Dulagan and PO1 Leo Mar Orence.

Among those who received Medalya ng Kagalingan are: Police Chief Inspector Sandie Caparroso, Police Chief Inspector Alfonso Saligumba III, SPO2 Emilio ABoyolen, PO3 Mario Maramag, PO2 Marlon Ico, PO2 Raymund John Sansano, PO1 Eustaquio Nuarin II, PO1 Francis Miko Bose, PO1 Rodel Sibal, PO1 Marvin Fang-asan, PO1 Roy Uanan, PO1 Eddie-son Galpao.

It’s All About Leadership

Not once General Eleazar proved he’s a leader. The intention is real, and many Filipinos feel it. Cleansing the ranks of the PNP is never easy. But when a leader is sincere, focused and has the political will, we will have a long list of police awardees instead of counting the bad eggs in the PNP.

When every policeman is trustworthy, people will fully support and cooperate with every campaign against criminality that our PNP will implement. When every policeman is trustworthy, more will be encouraged to enter the police force and we will resolve the problem in lack of policemen on the streets.

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