What You Need And How To Get Philippines Passport 2018

Philippine Passport ID is your ticket to the world. It’s inarguably the most essential officially sanctioned archive you require at whatever purpose you would like to ponder, work, take the common Government Service examination, or travel abroad.


Yet, getting it tends to be precarious.

Rules change once in an exceedingly whereas. Arrangement slots get filled speedier than you’ve got at any purpose pictured.

What’s a lot of, despite the actual fact that DFA has a website to assist identification candidates, the information is rarely updated leaving individuals with more questions than answers.

In the event that it’s any comfort, the governement has as recently extended the legitimacy of the Philippine identification to 10 years. Note this exclusive applies to those 18 years of age or more; minors under 18 can even currently be issued 5-year legitimate identifications.

To spare you from every one of the migraines, I’ve uncovered down the bones of getting a Philippine Passport in 2018 (and beyond).

For new applicants, here are the passport requirements  you have to get a Philippine International ID

Confirmed online passport appointment
All DFA exchanges, regardless of whether it’s new application or renewal, require an online arrangement. Walk-in applicants won’t be engaged.

Printout of the passport appointment parcel
A connection to these documents will be sent to your email after successful payment of the passport processing fee in select ePayment channels (see stage 2). Print them out and bring them along with other documentary requirements on the day of your appointment.

Individual appearance
Candidates are required to appear on the day and time of their appointments. Inability to do as such will keep you from booking another online appointmentt for 30 days. This punishment has been forced so candidates won’t underestimate their arrangement spaces.

Legitimate ID (unique + photocopy)
You may bring one legitimate picture ID issued by the legislature in addition to supporting reports (no less than two) on the off chance that the DFA staff demands for them to demonstrate your character and citizenship. In most DFA workplaces like in DFA Aseana, one legitimate official picture ID is sufficient. Read all passport requirements

An online appointment is required before showing up at the DFA office. This progression includes rounding out an application shape and picking your favored appointment area and timetable.

In case you’re prepared to make an appointment, go to the DFA passport appointment system website.

Note that as of this written work, the online appointment is accessible for Filipinos living in the Philippines. For those based abroad,passport ID applications are documented at the closest Philippine Embassy or Consulate.

Keep in mind, you can just confirm your appointment after paying the passport ID handling charge. Payment must be done within 48 hours after receiving the reference number in your email. Inability to pay it on time will drop your passport appointment.

Guarantee that you touch base at the place 30 minutes to 1 hour before your booked arrangement. Latecomers won’t be suited.

Here are the following reasons why DFA executed the ePayment framework

To spare time. While in the old framework, applicants needed to arrange just to pay the passport fee in the DFA office, the e-payment framework makes it workable for them to pre-pay similar charges in select payment centers before going to DFA. That implies one less step to deal and additional time saved for both DFA staff and the passport applicants

-To keep “no-appear” applicants. Since the payment happens preceding going to DFA, applicants with confirmed appointments will be compelled to show up keeping in mind that they forfeit the passport processing fee.

-To suit more passport applicants. Since the payments is presently done outside DFA, their staff will now have the capacity to process applications quicker and oblige more candidates.

-To avoid fixers. With the presentation of the e-payment framework where appointments must be anchored with the payment of the passport ID charge, fixers will discover it relatively difficult to do under-the-table exchanges.

Tip: Aside from DFA Aseana, there are additionally DFA branches in select shopping centers inside Metro Manila. For people in the provinces, you can likewise pick the closest DFA Regional Consular Office, particularly if all the Manila branches are as of now completely reserved.

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