Ultimate Taste Test: I surrendered!

It was my first time to join the Ultimate Taste Test. I never thought I would surrender from eating. With more than 50 food suppliers who joined the event, my eyes and tummy were overwhelmed! Super-stuffed!

Among the food I tasted and rated are:

The place were full packed with foodies! I love watching their reactions every time they tasted food and how the suppliers presented their recipes.

ultimate taste test So sorry for me because I failed to finished all the food prepared by the suppliers who joined the Ultimate Taste Test because of a limited time I have. But next time, I know what to do!

This successful food challenge was made possible by Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet in cooperation with San Miguel Corporation and Rockwell.

Special thanks to Spanky Enriquez!

The Food and Travel Buff

7 thoughts on “Ultimate Taste Test: I surrendered!

  1. I have never attended an event of this nature, but looks like fun. I would wonder though after the first dozen or so tests, whether the taste of the food would begin to intermingle with another.

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