Tree Sap Can Damage Your Car, Know How To Prevent It

Tree_Sap Most of our travels and food trips were out of town. Away from the heavy traffic and pollution of the Metropolis, we find wonderful sanctuaries in the provinces where we could relax and breathe fresh air, at least for several days.

When travelling, it’s not only the belongings we bring that we make sure that are complete, but also the car tools and reserve tires because we will never know when the emergency could happen along the road.

Others would believe that it’s alright if your car went dirty on the road trip. But will it be okay if there are unwanted deposits of sticky residue from tree on your car? Of course not! Tree sap could cause damage to your car because it hardens and cannot be easily removed.

And since we always parked our car under the tree, our vehicle is vulnerable to such residue. Good thing that we were taught on how to remove tree sap from car with no sweat!

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