Top Amazing Activities to Undertake in Cyprus

With beautiful sunshine and stunning scenery, no wonder Cyprus is a popular tourist destination.  There is so much to do on this amazing island, with many activities for you and your family to experience! Here we look at some of the top activities and places to visit in Cyprus.

The Beaches

When it comes to visiting Cyprus, tourists are immediately drawn to the amazing beaches. These glorious shorelines feature blue seas, sandy shores and an abundance of natural wildlife, meaning you and your family can spend entire days just relaxing. Curium Beach and Turtle Beach are two of the most popular stretches of sand, and they’re both absolutely stunning.

Horse Riding

One of the best activities to undertake in Cyprus is horse riding, and it is one of the easiest ways to enjoy the wonderful scenery, and see many of the spectacular sights. There are many companies that will teach you how to horse ride, but the one that was picked by holidaymakers is Ride in Cyprus Ltd. You can either ride in the early morning just as the sun comes up, or take an extended tour of the mountains in the evening.

Adventure Parks and Scuba Diving

If you want try something a little more exciting than horse riding, why not go to the Adventure Park in Limassol. Here you can enjoy paintballing, archery, and even rock climbing! Because it is so popular, it has quickly become one of the essential tourist destinations in Cyprus, and it is ideal for the whole family.

Since it is an island, that there are many places that offer scuba diving lessons all over Cyprus. If you are a beginner then you can take advantage of the specialist practice centers where you can try out the equipment before you dive, swimming through the clear waters and gazing at the wrecks and the marine life undersea.

Water Worlds and Archaeological Parks

The Water World park in Ayia Napa has so many flumes, slides and rides in it, it is sure to keep everyone entertained and amused. The park has received the highest of safety certificates too, meaning you and your family will be able to have a great day here.

Whatever you choose to do in Cyprus, you will have a great time with the wonderfully long days of sunshine and activity. If you’re thinking about booking a holiday, make sure you visit to get the best deals on flights!

If you want to know about Cypriot history, then why not take a relaxing day trip around Kato Paphos Archaeological Park, where you can get to know more about the culture of Cyprus. Children go free and adult tickets are a reasonable price too – less than 2 Euros!

The Food

One of the great things about visiting Cyprus is the food. You will find Greek and Turkish food all over the island, and it is a good idea to try the local tavernas and restaurants to experience the real Cyprus. There are taste tours available on the island where you can experience the food hotspots too!

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