Maybe one or more of your relatives and friends has kidney stones. Worst, you are now waiting for a surgery in kidney removal because of too many stones. Definitely, craving for more salty food does not keep you from such kind of health dilemma. However, it can be prevented by cutting that salt on your daily food,

Here are some tips by experts:

Choose low sodium products. If you cannot avoid buying processed foods, select those that have reduced sodium content.

Don’t add salt to recipes whenever possible. When you come accross “add salt to taste” in a recipe, you have a perfect chance to reduce the amount of salt in your food. When baking, however, you must follow the measurement for salt, otherwise, this could affect the quality and taste of your baked goodie.

Limit the use of sodium-laden condiments. Try to refrain from adding dressings, sauces, dips, ketchup, mustard and relish to your food, as these all contains sodium. Enjoy the real taste of the food instead and not these salty cover-ups.

Enhance flavor with herbs and spices, zest from citrus fruit, and fruit juices. Not only are these healthier substitutes; you end up honing your culinary creativity in the process.

Use salt substitutes wisely. Just because it’s a substitute, dont think you can overdo it. some salts substitute or light salts still contain table salt (sodium chloride) and other compounds. Practice restraint here because you may end up consuming even more sodium.

Following the “unsalty” living above will surely keep you from having huge hospital expenses. You can use the money instead to buy masonic rings if you like.

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