The City of Manchester and Its Attractions

Manchester is a city that has achieved a metropolitan status and located in England. Nicknamed the ‘Rainy City’, it was founded in the 1st century and gained city status in 1853.

Manchester is known as the site where the first railway station is built and also the place where scientists perform the first revolutionary atom-splitting process. This city covers around 50 square miles and also known for it’s highly famous and successful football team, Manchester United FC.

To visit Manchester, you will be warmly welcome at Manchester Airport– the largest airport in the United Kingdom where hundreds of flights go in and out each day. It is located in the southern part of the city and to get in or out of the airport, it is advisable that you to use car hire Manchester services available, 24 hours a day. It is highly recommended to hire car service because of its superb customer service and a wide range of cars available to be utilized.

Those die-hard fans of the famous Manchester United FC will surely visit the Old Trafford, the home ground of the team. Also known as the Theatre of Dreams, there is also a museum inside the Old Trafford where its main exhibits are the achievements and accomplishments that the team has been awarded and its history.

Visitors are allowed to take pictures with the trophies in the trophy room and also the stadium tour provided must not to be missed. The participants of the tour are welcome to see the dressing room, the lounge and the dug-out where the substitutes are sitting in a football game. Die-hard fans of the team will surely have a good time there.

If you want to buy some souvenirs for your friends, you can do so by visiting the megastore which is also located in Old Trafford. You can choose from hundreds of Manchester United merchandises and souvenirs there. It is advisable that you come for a tour with friends or families as there are special packages that they offer of a lower price.

So, visiting Manchester is a dream land which is not to be missed, especially by Manchester United fans. If by chance or luck you’re traveling in that city, see Old Trafford and you will surely love the place!

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