Ted Ligety : Skiing Every Step of the Way #everystep

Practice and perseverance helped Ted Ligety win three Olympic Gold medals in ski racing. He started to ski at age 2 and became a member of the local ski team by age 10. But it took over a decade of racing, studying, and refining techniques before he finally got his first gold medal. He got beaten in a lot of races as a kid but his passion for the sport prodded him to push himself to the limits and learn different techniques. Sure enough his hard work and perseverance paid off as he competed and won in several world competitions including the Olympics.

People can learn valuable life lessons by engaging in sports. Ted has become an inspiration with his winning attitude whether loses from any battle.

For Ted, skiing helped him build a strong work ethics that he applies both in sports and his job as President of SHRED Optics. But since not everyone can afford the costs of ski training, Ted has teamed-up with YES or Youth Enrichment Services Operation Snow Sports to raise funds and help the urban youth learn how to ski and snowboard. This organization takes-in around 800 youths each year for downhill skiing and snowboarding lessons. Training expenses are kept at a minimum because of funding support from partnerships, donations and fund raising. You can help get more kids on the slopes by supporting Team Ted for Citi Every Step of the Way.

Ted Ligety is one of the nine athletes involved in the Citi Every Step of the Way Campaign. The program offers financial support for US Olympic, paralympic, and community programs through the $500,000 donation given by Citibank to the US Olympic Committee. Team Ted is halfway through their goal in raising funds to get the urban youth on the slopes. With a little support from you and Ted Ligety fans, they can easily reach their goal in no time. Simply visit the Citi Every Step of the Way website and click your support for Team Ted.

This post was created in partnership with Citiยฎ. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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62 thoughts on “Ted Ligety : Skiing Every Step of the Way #everystep

  1. Being able to share your skills and helping other people is already a plus factor. I hope I can be like him though just sad to say I’m not athletic.

  2. Skiing at 2 years old? Amazing!! I hope that with their training assistance, many will learn the ropes of this sport and compete in the future too.

  3. Indeed! Practice and perseverance can help you with your success in whatever you do. These two must be present in the athletes too.

  4. Great job, Ted. It’s really amazing too that in every battle that we’re facing, there’s somebody who supports us all the way. Thumbs up for that, Citibank! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. truly perseverance, focus and discipline will led you to victory. Salute for the athletes and for the sponsors for making this possible.

  6. Wow! Started at the age of 2?! You’re a gifted, man! I am inspired to your ability and your outlook in life. Goodluck then! ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. When you already succeeded, the next thing to do is to give back, pass on your legacy, share your talents and help many youth around the globe.

  8. People can learn valuable lessons from Ted Ligety. His passion for the sport pushed him to win the gold medal. What an inspiration!

  9. To reach your dreams you have to be disciplined and focus. The road to success is not that easy to achieve.

  10. Like Ted Ligety, we should all aspire to do our best in everything we do. Start small, and work our way up. Then give back by helping those in need. Thank you Citibank for supporting atheletes like these. Thanks to all the participating Olympians for being our sources of inspiration.

  11. I love to learn skiing. Hope I will be a given a chance someday.. I salute ted! Fighting! <3

  12. Ted Ligety is the example of great perseverance needed to win! Keep it up Citibank in supporting them!

  13. He is a living proof that practice and perseverance are always the key to success. Keep inspiring the other athletes!

    1. to Ted Ligety … Good job, iam glad that theres still people who believes and support the younger generation who loves sports… your legacy will live and will serve as inspiration to them and will pass on….

  14. If he was able to ski at 2 years old, that is truly amazing! He is an inspiration to all athletes. Every athlete should have the perseverance he has in order to succeed.

  15. he is the great example of the most athlete ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for giving us a journey for us . ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. ow he’s so good he even help the youths to learn how to ski and snowboard , that’s so great! and keep up the good work ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. I salute all athletes on working hard to achieve their dreams and giving their own respective countries of something to be proud of. Ted Ligety, continue being an inspiration to others.

  18. Yey , practice really makes perfect.. and helping those who follow your steps is a really good job.. keep it up man #everystep

  19. There should be more institution like the CIti group! Helping athletes every step of the way!

  20. I salute you TED for wanting to help others who want to learn how to ski but cant afford to. Hard work really pays off.

  21. he must be a wonder kid for having to learn how to ski as early as two years old! his story is an example that we should never give up with whatever struggle or challenges we face.. his experience as a Olympic athlete had some wins and loses as well eventhough he started at a young age but his perseverance paid off when finally he won an olympic gold medal. With the help of Citi, he can inspire and help more kids to be like him. Thanks Citi for helping athletes reach for their dreams!

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