SM Hypermarket Master Chefs’ Cooking Marathon: 4 Recipes In An Hour!

Four tasteful recipes in just one hour? No way! But yes, it is possible. Mouth-watering and healthy recipes. Busy moms could easily prepare these for their kids or even if you are single and always pre-occupied with activities and couldn’t find time to cook.

Those recipes were prepared by none other than Chef Kai Verdadero-O, who is presently working with San Miguel Purefoods Culinary Center, in a demo in SM Hypermarket Novaliches branch.

The products used in the demo were from San Miguel Corporation. Among those brands includes Purefoods Star Hotdog, Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdog King Size, Magnolia Cheezee Spread, Purefoods Honey Cured Bacon, Magnolia Nutri Oil, Magnolia Chicken Station Chicken Fingers, Vanila, Magnolia Quick Melt Cheese, Magnolia All Purpose Cream and Dari Creme Classic Margarine.

Anyone could learn cooking simple recipes by attending the ongoing Cooking Marathon of SM Hypermarket Master Chefs.

Catch them until September of the year as they tour SM Hypermarket branches all over the country.

I bet you will learn a lot from their cooking demonstrations and showcasing of innovations in culinary products and cooking aids.

And not only that, they also have kitchen makeover demos! Wow, that could end boring scenarios in our own kitchens!

To know more the schedule of Master Chefs’ visits, check Nomnom Club website. See you there!

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4 thoughts on “SM Hypermarket Master Chefs’ Cooking Marathon: 4 Recipes In An Hour!

  1. TJV: I wish I was able to attend this event. There’s nothing like attending food demos like these where you get to meet the celebrity chefs is flesh, ask about their secrets etc. And not to mention, get free tastes of the finished products. Yum!

  2. TJV: glad you were able to attend this event. How I wish I were invited too. I missed Chef Kai Verdadero…I sort of had the opportunity to meet her before, as a resident chef for San miguel. Anyway, the food recipes they had during the demo looked really easy to do and yummy as well. Will try to look for their recipes on the net.

  3. TJV: wow! i also had posted in my food blog this event that we had attended 🙂 i was very glad that we partnered in covering this event. i enjoyed your company and at the same time learned a lot from Chef Kai.

  4. TVJ : are these foods procesed? coz they can easily be prepared just like in any other fast food!

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