Philippines Has Been Ranked First For World’s Most Underrated Food Destination

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‘Laing,’ ‘kakanin,’ ‘adobo,’ ‘kinilaw,’ – these are among the must-attempt exemplary Pinoy dishes.

The Philippines has been positioned first among the ‘Most Underrated’ Foodie Destinations in the World recorded in New York’s food magazine, Chef’s Pencil.

The home of the very much applauded ‘adobo’ and ‘lechon’ outmaneuvered nine different nations in the rundown of staggering objections that “don’t get the presentation they genuinely merit” distributed by Chef Pencil on November 12, 2020.

The nation made it to the top in view of its remarkable combination cooking styles, as per 250 expert culinary specialists and foodies around the world who partook in the survey.

“Spots where you’ll discover lovely food, treats to enjoy or keep away from, contingent upon exactly how gastronomically courageous you are, and delectable pleasures,” composed Chef’s Pencil on its site.

Among the best-tasting Filipino food referenced in the article are rice-based dish ‘puto bumbong’, ‘kare-kare’, Spanish propelled ‘adobo’, and ‘atchara pickle’.

Many unfamiliar food darlings who picked the Philippines remembered to raise the “most testing Pinoy road food – ‘balut,’ and composed:

“Furthermore, for the adrenaline junkies among you, it’s the place where you can attempt presumably the most testing of luxuries, balut. It’s a bubbled prepared egg that crunches as you nibble in.”

Here are the Top 10 Most Underrated Foodie Destinations in the World by Chef’s Pencil:











The travel industry site Big 7 Travel has likewise recorded Filipino plans that grandstand the variety and flexibility of the Philippines’ food.

A Washington DC café, New Dupont Circle, brings Pinoy food abroad by serving remarkable tasty Chicken Adobo.

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