Philippine Restaurant Musang Was Named Seattle Met’s Restaurant Of The Year

Filipino-American chef Melissa Miranda’s Filipino restaurant “Musang” was named “Restaurant of the Year” in Seattle, Washington, USA. On November 30, 2020, “Seattle Urban Lifestyle” magazine published a community-oriented restaurant “Musang”, which features education and experience of Filipino cuisine.

The Filipino restaurant is praised for its “amazing Filipino cuisine” and its warm respect for Filipino culture. Pinoy’s proud business provides diners with the experience of “recalling childhood memories through Filipino food” and regaining it through chef Miranda’s family recipes (such as grandfather’s “kare-kare”, grandmother’s “lumbia”) “The Voice and Taste of Westerners”, an upgraded version of “sinigang” and “adobong pusit pancit”.

Musang also has dish names in the menu written in Tagalog, such as “minatamis na saba”, “ensaladang taglamig”, “isda” instead of mantikilya and “malutong na sitaw”. Other mouth-watering Filipino dishes mentioned in the article are grilled chicken adobo, dinuguan, garlic rice, kinilo, hare game, adobong pusit pancit and tapsilog. The Filipino restaurant in Beacon Hill has young Filipino chefs who are passionate about exploring Pinoy food and bringing its narrative to the community. The Musang team would like to express heartfelt thanks to their latest milestones and to Facebook: “As @jjtiamson said…We did not build this place to win praise, but to build this place for our culture, our community, and for our space and survival needs…”
“We have built this place with all heart, with integrity, tenacity, resilience, and our blood, sweat, and tears. It has been a journey, one that has not been met with challenges, but also one that has been full of so much joy and so many blessings…”

“Musang as a restaurant is only the beginning. We know and we dream that this is far greater than we even can begin to realize. It is a community space, a healing space, and this is our home…”

“This one is for the town. This one is for all of us. All of us dreamers. All of us hustlers, grinders, and everyone that just shows up.”

Filipino food specialties are also on the menu of Cantina Sunae, a Southeast Asian Restaurant in Argentina, and at the New Dupont Circle resto in Washington DC which serves unique delicious Chicken Adobo.

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