Peach Blossoms and Tea Time

When you think of tea time, you cannot help but think of the different Asian destinations where you can drink various flavors of this supposedly relaxing brew.

Tea time is that time of day when you can just kick off your shoes and catch up on your favorite reads or even just stare off into your garden. It’s that precious pocket of time when you can have your “me” time.

If you have a breakfast nook in your home, you can spice up your tea time by decorating it with a wall decal design of pretty flowers in various hues of reds and pinks. That’s a dainty backdrop to have while drinking your tea, just the perfect scene to take your thoughts to the Peach Blossoms of China.

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For the minimalist, wall quotes can be a great wall decal to have for a breakfast nook or any other area where you take your tea time. You can pick a quote to inspire and motivate you as you try to recharge to make it through the rest of the day.

You can also choose a quote that helps you focus your mind and regain perspective after all that has already happened earlier in your day. Whatever it is, make sure that it complements not only the style and décor of your furniture but also the reason why you hold your tea times dear and precious.

(photo credit to the owner)


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