Paradise Pleasures: Caribbean Cuisines And Jamaica Villas

A dish of Caribbean Cuisine, including chicken cooked with Jamaican jerk spice
[A dish of Caribbean Cuisine, including chicken cooked with Jamaican jerk spice]

From around the world, tastes have been gathered together in a collection of styles and fused into something completely new. With flavors from places as close as England and France to as far as India and China, the local delicacies are a blend rarely found elsewhere in the world.

One of the most popular of these dishes is a form of goat stew; popular enough, in fact, that Montserrat claims it as their national dish. Based in a tomato stew, this delicious meal combines goat meat with papaya, breadfruit, and dumplings to create a hybrid of textures and flavors with a distinctly Caribbean twist that have delighted countless travelers.

Another major dish, known as Callaloo, is frequently adjusted by region so that each island may serve a slightly different dish. Commonly, however, Callaloo features a leafy vegetable (such as amaranth or taro) mixed with ingredients such as coconut milk, crab, meat, or garlic, and either steamed or stewed
to the desired consistency. With a culinary heritage from both Africa and the Caribbean, this dish is an icon all its own in the region, taking advantage of the best of the local plant, fish, and animal life.

Fortunately, Caribbean cuisine is not often difficult to prepare. Luxury vacation rentals, an increasingly popular alternative to the traditional hotel, come complete with their own interior kitchens that can be used to prepare meals using local ingredients. This is a great way to save on the money of going to restaurants while still enjoying the unique culinary heritage of the Caribbean.

View of Calypso, a luxury villa in Montego Bay, Jamaica
[View of Calypso, a luxury villa in Montego Bay, Jamaica]

Some of the Jamaica villas even offer the services of personal chefs talented in the use of the world-famous Jamaican jerk spice, a seasoning rubbed onto the meat and then cooked over a mix of wood, berries, and spices to create the sort of flavor that no simple imitation can match. No strangers to residents coming from around the globe, the close-knit communities of the Caribbean have combined the old with the new to create a cuisine unlike that of anywhere else on Earth, and no vacation to this part of the world is ever complete without sampling the astounding local flavors.

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