OPM Keeps On Playing 2018! OO: Originals Only

It’s a promising future for OPM especially with the rise of fresh acts. “More good artists are coming out of the woodwork despite the lack of monetary support to properly promote themselves. For years the music scene in the Philippines was dominated by big labels and established stars, but the advent of sites including Bandcamp, SoundCloud and Spotify has made it possible for grass roots bands to promote themselves.

I attended the OO:OriginalsOnly akousteoke night event at The Brewery Upperhouse BGC Taguig. So fun and inspiring to watch the rising Filipino Bands Singer/Songwriter, and being surrounded by people that are just as passionate about the music and it feels amazing.

OO (Originals Only) is more than an event that celebrates the diversity of OPM (Original Pinoy Music). It is a movement that supports all genres of OPM, providing a venue and opportunities for artists to showcase their original material.

Mainstream media and the establishments seldom celebrate the sub genres of our beautiful music. OO provides a supportive community for all of its artists and music. It is a passion project whose purpose is to bring back the love for OPM and encourage  the Filipinos to be proud of the talents that we have here at home and bring out more of our unique sound to show to the world.

Metro Groove is an electronic pop band from Manila, Philippines. The band consists of lead vocalist, Marjorie Martinez, keyboard player/music producer and vocalist, Aaron Escueta, and guitar player, Lance Garcia.


Ej De Perio is an 18 year old singer – songwriter. He is a passionate, creative and inspirational artist that brings excitement to people in order to create a memorable experience that they would share to others, He’s the voice behind the 2017 McSpicy TVC “HALIK”. He recently released his 1st EP album “HOME” which you can download on Spotify.


Mikee Misalucha is a singer- songwriter whose music incorporates the following genres: Indie pop / Folk / Country / Pop / Alternative Rock / Contemporary R&B.


Guji Lorenzana is a singer – songwriter, actor, host, and DJ – based in Manila, Philippines, originally from the Bay Area, California, USA. As an actor and host, Guji is actively seen on Philippine television and movies. In music, he actively DJ’s in the clubs. Actively seen on Philippine television and movies. In music, he actively DJ’s in the clubs. And as the lead singer of his own rock band – he gigs at local bars, events, and concert halls. Guji is also known to do various collaborations with a variety of music acts and genres, locally and worldwide. His first single, “We Are”, from the up and coming album, is now available on Spotify.


After almost 7 years of absence, Mojofly has finally returned to the OPM music scene. Members, Lougee Basabas-Alejandro and Ali Alejandro, together with Mark Gelbolingo (bass), Kiko Montecillo (keys), and Beejay Valera (lead guitars) embrace the local scene once again. MOJOFLY is the first local artist to venture into full 3D animation in Philippine music video history. The work was previewed at the 19th Singapore International Film Festival (April, 2006) and won Best Animated Video and Favorite Indie Video at the MTV Pilipinas Video Music Awards 2006] (August, 2006). As of January 2018, Mojofly is now part of Yellow Room Music. The band has finally released their first single in 7 years last February 2018 entitled RALLY . It is now available through Spotify, Itunes and other music sources online.


Nicole Laurel Asensio is a Filipino singer-songwriter. After providing lead vocals for all-girl rock band General Luna, she began a solo career and released her first album Schizoprano in 2015. The album merges Nicole’s background in theater and classical music with her more recent forays in rock and roll.
Dane Hipolito – You might’ve already seen him doing covers of hit songs online, performing in different malls, bars, coffee shops ,or even at last year’s #chalkcampustour series, and serenading his way to people’s hearts as a featured artist on MYX. With his single “Hiwaga” out and an album in the works, the tall, dark, and handsome Dane is well on his way to making his mark in Filipino music—all the while maintaining good standing as a student. With his music, he especially takes pride in his dedication to help OPM thrive further. “I’m hoping [my music] would be something that’d push local music further in the Philippines.
Sunday Radio is composed of Ash, Tim, Caloy, Jehar, and Roy. Besides being close friends, they are also musicians for the worship team of a local church in Quezon City where they play regularly on Sundays, they also like to play around with random songs they hear on the radio; hence the name of the band, Sunday Radio. They also share a passion for positive music and in August of 2010, this is what led them to form  the band and create original songs to inspire listeners with their catchy tunes and positive messages.


Marq Dollentes is a Filipino singer, song-writer, and actor originally from Victorias City Negros Occidental. In December 2015, he released a single called Christmas Lights. The music video of the song is being played in MYX Music Channel in the Philippines. In the same year he also wrote and performed the 2 theme songs of the movie Alimuom ng Kahapon (Shadows of Yesterday) which is one of the Selections in the World International Film Festival in Singapore in December 2015 to January 2016.


Standing against the backdrop of a music industry that changes track after every pause, it hits just the right notes, right compositions, amplifying the local acts of then and now, one catchy ballad at a time.

If anyone tells you that OPM is dead, tell them to go to

We have so many talented local artists and bands there!

OPM remains to be one of the most versatile, yet distinct types of music and many are still able to appreciate its songs, embracing it with enthusiasm. Bridging obliquely intersecting stories from different decades, it extends the connection of sound, rhythm, and beats into something that binds people despite differences in age, status, and background.

It’s amazing to see just how much the power of OPM can bridge the gap between generations they keep on playing as long as it makes us and other people happy.

You can visit here OO:OriginalsOnlyPH Facebook Page for more information and to get update on upcoming OPM music events.


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