Nippon Paint Coating Philippines Dispatches New Defensive Covering Line

Coating expert Nippon Paint Coating Philippines, Inc. celebrated its new protective coating line during a launch party held at Marco Polo Hotel in Pasig City recently.

 Ceremonial toast headed by Mr. Jonnel Castillo NPCP AGM and Mr. Mark Owen Webb NPCP President together with NPCP Managers

As a paint and coatings specialist, Nippon Paint beautifies urban landscapes and continually creates superior Nippon Paint products to enhance people’s lives.

With more than 70 Nippon Paint companies spread throughout Asia, it understands the local needs of its customers in every community. Each company embraces diversity and operates together with a strong Pan-Asia presence.

Launched were types of products such as wieldable inorganic zinc ethyl silicate, epoxy, epoxy zinc rich, epoxy zinc phosphate, epoxy red oxide, alkyd resin, epoxy MIO, epoxy aluminum, epoxy glass fake, epoxy modified, silicon acrylic, silicon, corrosion under insulation, alkyd resin, polyurethane, and flourocarbon.

These products are fast drying, durable, high-performance, long-term protection, has excellent anti-corrosive properties, excellent adhesion, has excellent high-build barrier, features good abrasion resistance, excellent chemical resistance, high-gloss topcoat finish, and resistant to degradation by ultra-violet light, color change, and chalking.

Nippon Paint Coatings Philippines, Inc. is a leader in the local paint industry that produces world-class quality products for various painting needs.

It has always been at the forefront, helping industries deal with the most challenging of natural and man-made conditions, contributing to an increased efficiency and durability supporting industrial manufactures by giving them long lasting solutions to their needs.

For Inquiries you may contact: 
Nippon Paint (Coatings) Philippines Inc. 
#4 Hologram St. Light Industry and Science Park 1, Cabuyao Laguna, Philippines
Telephone Nos. (02) 8845 1176 /77 or (049) 543 0763/64/65/66/95

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