Minola -Take Coconut For Your Health The Truth Shall Make You Healthy

Talking about benefits, did you know that Minola is rich in Lauric Oil that helps fight viruses and bacteria? Thus, cooking with Minola Cooking Oil can help boost your family’s immune due to its Minolauric (which means full of lauric oil) property.

At Oracle Hotel Residences, Quezon City Dr. Fabian Dayrit talks about the many benefits of coconut oil, the special properties of coconut oil, saturated fats and heart disease and the truth shall make you healthy.


Dr. Fabian Dayrit is the Dean of the School of Science and Engineering, in Ateneo de Manila University, and a professor in Chemistry. Following his father’s passion for coconut oil, he is involved in various studies regarding coconut oil and has written many articles based on his research.

“The coconut is one of the most robust and useful members of the plant kingdom. It can be found on practically all tropical and sub-tropical coastlines worldwide on a variety of soils. The coconut is a major part of the diet in over 90 countries.”

Special properties of coconut oil

The coconut is consumed all over the world and has had a long history of healthy use until…

Coconut oil has many healthy properties that can address these modern dietary diseases.

 Provides an estimate of 9,500 calories of energy per kilogram. Along with boosting immunity, coconut oil slows down aging and counteracts heart, colon, pancreatic, and liver tumor inducers.



Coconut oil has been demonized in the past because it contains saturated fat. In fact, coconut oil is one of the richest sources of saturated fat known to man, with almost 90% of the fatty acids in it being saturated.

However, new data is showing that saturated fats are mostly harmless. Many studies with hundreds of thousands of people have found no link to heart disease.

While some people think obesity is only a matter of calories, others (myself included) believe that the sources of those calories are important too. Coconut oil is one of the few foods that can be classified as a superfood.


Minola has already been around for the past 50 years and continues to be one of the leading brands of coconut oil in the Philippines. To promote the benefits of coconut oil, Minola has partnered with the coconut industry leading organizations such as the Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA), United Coconut Association of the Philippines, and Coconut Oil Refiners Association.

I don’t really judge the book by its cover, or the product by its package, yet I find the label write-up quite impressive.  It shows that the company is in the know regarding the essential points of coconut oils.
Research shows that coconut oil:
  • contains Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) which provide energy and do not accumulate or deposit in the body tissue.
  • is trans fat free, a natural product that does not contain hydrogenated fats.
  • is a lauric oil and when absorbed by the body becomes monolaurin which is known to have anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.  Monolaurin is also found in mother’s milk.
  • promotes good health and helps build a stronger immune system.”



You may visit minola facebook page for more information.

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