Meatless Recipes To Keep You Healthy

There are lots of excellent reasons to eat lower on the food chain. As you go up the food chain, environmental toxins tend to concentrate in the tissues of the items being consumed. It also takes more of earth’s resources to produce a pound of protein in the form of meat than it does to produce an equivalent amount of protein from plant matter. So for both your own personal health and for sustaining the earth’s resources so that all people can eat well, eating more plant protein makes a lot of sense.

Of course, some people feel it is easier to eat meat, because it is familiar to them and the complementary plant protein seems complicated and a challenge to get right. But it doesn’t have to be that hard. These days, there are alternatives to figuring it all out yourself and cooking everything from scratch. For example, there are meatless recipes from Gardein which are designed to be familiar or similar to traditional meat-centered meals and where the protein piece has been figured out for you.

So, there really aren’t any significant barriers any longer to eating in a healthier, more earth friendly fashion. That piece has been solved. You can just go ahead and enjoy the good food available today and also feel good about it. Plus, it is common for people to drop a few pounds when they start eating vegetarian. If that happens, you can also enjoy your new, smaller waistline.

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One thought on “Meatless Recipes To Keep You Healthy

  1. Well I think this is great. A meat free recipe but is still very healthy. We must really learn how to cook these foods. It is always good to eat healthy foods. It’s good to eat meat but not all the time. We need to learn to slow it down too.

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