McVitie’s Digestives for Kids!

Here’s something new from McVitie’s Digestives, and kids will surely love it!

McVitie’s introduces Kids Range which will take the kiddy experience to a whole new level!

While McVitie’s for years has catered to the whimsical appetite of our young ones, the Kid’s range is sure to win their hearts even more as McVitie’s partners with some of the most sought-after cartoon characters of our time – Smurf, Spongebob Squarepants, Dora the Explorer, Justice League and McVitie’s own Pirate Crew!

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McVitie’s Kids Range will feature these famous cartoon characters delicately etched in every Kids Range Milk Chocolate making snack time more fun for the kids! What’s more, the Kid’s Range will come with pack games and free stickers spotlighting these awesome characters that kids can collect and share with friends and fun!

(photo credit to the owner)

McVitie’s Digestive continues to drive the biscuit encounter to a unique level where flavor, healthy indulgence and fun become the magical mix of each bite of McVitie’s biscuit!

McVitie’s products are available at leading supermarkets nationwide and are distributed by Delfi Marketing Inc. For more about the McVitie’s Digestives’ range of products and other information, visit

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