Making Way for a Misibis Bay Vacation

Don’t miss out on a Misibis Adventure this year!

The Misibis Bay Resort is located in Cagraray Island in Albay province. Tourists can reach it via a 50-minute flight to Manila to Legazpi Albay airport. From there one can choose to travel to the island by land, boat, or helicopter.

This recently discovered island paradise resort has attracted both local and Hollywood celebrities with its clear blue waters, lush greenery and loads of adventures for everyone.

Visitors of the resort are welcomed into a warm and relaxing environment that almost guarantees a well-pampered stay. They have nice looking interiors and everything seems well maintained from the furnishings to their signage and down to their stand offs.  All their villas offer a terrace wherein you can enjoy great beachfront and poolside views any time of the day. 

Those who are up for outdoor adventures can choose from activities like exploring biking and jogging tracks, zip line, snorkeling, parasailing, windsurfing, kayak, jet skiing, diving, submarine explorations, or a helicopter tour. You can also try exploring the island in ATVs or dune buggies.  After an action packed day, visitors can come home to a relaxing spa at the resort or simply recharge with the Asian and Western cuisines offered in their bars and restaurants. 

If you still haven’t made plans for your next holiday trip, then make way for a Misibis Bay vacation.

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