How to Make Chocolate Cake Healthier

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Probably the most popular dessert is a deliciously moist chocolate cake. But because it can be loaded with sugar and calories, it’s an indulgence that you aren’t allowed to have every day, or even every week. Instead, it’s the occasional treat you can enjoy whenever you want to reward yourself or celebrate something special.

But what if you were able to make chocolate cake healthier? There are ways, and you can incorporate these methods into your baking routine at home so you can enjoy that yummy chocolate cake more often.

Bake Without Flour

Don’t let a flourless cake fool you because it’s just as rich and moist as any cake made with flour. For those who are gluten intolerant, as well as for those who are avoiding wheat products or flours that are loaded with carbohydrates, this type of chocolate cake could be just what you’ve been waiting for.

Rather than flour, this simplified chocolate cake may contain ingredients like baking chocolate, cocoa powder, coconut oil, honey, and eggs. Give this type of recipe a try and see how you like it. Expect your cake to be fudgey and indulgent.

Try a Vegan Option

Vegan desserts can also be the healthier alternatives you’ve been searching for, and there are many ways to make a vegan chocolate cake surprisingly quickly and easily. These recipes will lack all types of animal products, from eggs to milk, so they don’t contain a lot of the fat, calories, and cholesterol that regular chocolate cakes contain. Instead, ingredients may include healthier options like coconut oil, a nut milk of your choosing, and perhaps a fruit puree to replace the eggs in a traditional recipe. Choose a recipe and give it a try; you won’t be disappointed, as these cakes are often so decadent that you won’t want to go back to traditional recipes.

Bake with Avocado

If you love avocado, did you know that you can incorporate it into your baking and make a super rich chocolate cake that’s healthier than the traditional alternative? Avocadoes add a host of healthy fats to your dessert, and they also ensure that your cake will be very moist and soft. Usually all you have to do is use the typical ingredients that go into a chocolate cake, whether you’re working on a vegan cake or a traditional one, and simply add in a mashed avocado where noted. And you can even use avocadoes to whip up some delicious chocolate frosting that will go perfectly on your chocolate avocado cake.

Replace Unhealthy Oils

Avoid unhealthy oils, such as canola oil, and instead opt for healthier oils that are rich in fatty acids that are beneficial to your body. As noted above, coconut oil is often used in healthier chocolate cake recipes.

Remember, too, that with any chocolate cake recipe, you can instead use cupcake tins and make cupcakes. Just find a delicious frosting recipe in the flavour of your choice to top off the rich chocolate cake and you’ll be ready to indulge in the perfectly sized portion of your favourite dessert.

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