Lessen Stress to Avoid Weight Gain During Pandemic

Lessen Stress to Avoid Weight Gain During Pandemic

Lockdowns and quarantine restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted not only the economy of most countries in the world and the livelihood of people but also greatly affected the ways of life of the many, especially the health.

A middle-aged Mother in the neighborhood complained about gaining weight during the lockdown because she’s afraid of contracting the virus since the area has a large number of cases, and some with new COVID-19 variants.

Her predicament is just one of the many in the community who experienced different negative effects of the pandemic. Some would have suicide tendency or overdose due to anxiety.

She shared that when she began to experienced anxiety attacks, she firmly decided to do something to loosen weight before it would overtake her senses.

Her journey to weight loss started by setting up a target body mass or weight goal using a weight loss calculator online. At first, she was apprehensive about using online calculator to guide her in losing weight but navigating the calculator.org she discovered increased her confidence she can achieve her goal.

The sexy-Mom wannabe is now in her 4th week of trying to regain better health and wellness by simple doing the following:

  1. Avoiding food with high carbohydrates and caffeine. She ate meat twice a week only.
  2. Exercising while doing household chores. Yes, she dances when sweeping the floor or when watering their plants.
  3. Sleeping not less than 6 hours a day. This is a “dream come true” to busy people.
  4. Read books rather checking her social media accounts to lessen stress.

Stress causes many diseases like obesity and heart problems. Better control the triggering factor before it’s too late.

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