Ladies’ Rossi Sweet Red Toast To A More Bonded Friendship

Ladies’ Rossi Sweet Red Toast To A More Bonded Friendship

Gathering together to talk and share stories has always been the ladies’ way to build and strengthen good relationships with friends, colleagues, and neighbors. Back in the day, women bonded over embroidery projects or while doing laundry in the river. Being generally sensitive and emotional, spending time chatting and sharing life stories is the predominant bonding activity for women.

It is also a great way to cope with stress. This explains why today’s women – career-oriented professionals and modern homemakers alike – need time to go out with girl friends to talk about each other’s lives – dreams, happy experiences, frustrations. Of course, an integral part of these bonding sessions is enjoying the stories over food and drinks.


These occasions aren’t confined to mere moments. Bonding time means really long hours spent together, which requires food and drinks that will last through the night and will make sure that you do, too.

While heavy and savory dishes would be satisfying, it might not be the best for a long, fun night spent talking. Try something light that can be munched slowly. Similarly, hard and heavy drinks are out of the question. One simply can’t appreciate chitchat and enjoy exciting stories when full or intoxicated. You need something that lets you savor every moment.

“In bonding moments with girl friends, you need to have a beverage companion that will allow you to spend the night with just the right buzz so you wouldn’t miss the juicy stories. This is why we’ve introduced Rossi Sweet Red – the perfect companion for female-bonding and ‘steady’ all-night conversations,” says Von De Torres, managing director of Emperador Distillers, Inc.

Crafted from grapes grown in California’s sun-drenched vineyards, Rossi Sweet Red is bursting with flavor and aroma. “It has soft sweet layers of vanilla, bright cherry and wild raspberry. These flavors come together in a deliciously sweet complement of fresh fruit and a velvety soft finish,” she describes.

“This is how real sweet red wine should taste,” De Torres adds.

What makes Rossi Sweet Red interesting is the serving suggestion: it is best served with ice. You can always have Rossi Sweet Red on the Rocks—make it less formal and make it more fun.

According to De Torres, this allows drinkers to discover a different kind of sweetness, where putting ice on Rossi Sweet Red won’t affect its quality but instead unleash its full potential as a sweet red wine.

Rossi Sweet Red is perfect whether going out or staying in. “Rossi Sweet Red is now available at leading supermarkets and convenience stores for all those gatherings,” De Torres says.

So whenever you’re planning a get-together with girl friends, always keep in mind that the best way to unfold the power of “we” is by making sure that you are in good company – real friends and real wine. Make every female bonding night a toast to friendship with Rossi Sweet Red.

Discover a different kind of sweetness from Rossi Sweet Red Wine, best enjoyed on the rocks.


Disclaimer: This post is the official Press Release by Carlo Rossi. The author of this blog is not responsible to any of the content above.

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3 thoughts on “Ladies’ Rossi Sweet Red Toast To A More Bonded Friendship

  1. Having a night out with the girls is essential to any woman’s well being! Just to get out of the rut of every day life gives you a release! I find that if we order appetizers along with a salad to go with our Rossi Sweet Red Wine that it is the perfect meal!

  2. Always love having a night out or even a night in with the girls! I usually bring Mosacto because all of them don’t like tannins lol! I’m the only one that likes red. I need to get them hooked on sweet red~!

  3. While I do like the red wines, I have not tried Rossi Sweet Red. When on a night out with the girls, we will usually drink a variety of wines and mixed beverages. I’m going to have to try this wine and then recruit my girlfriends into trying it as well.

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