Knowing the Terrain Under the Waves

How often do you examine a geographical chart of the area you plan on sailing? Although the water may seem safe to traverse, there could be a number of hazards that are unseen just under the waves. Often times, boat owners happen across a sandbar or other obstruction that causes damage to the hull of the vessel. In many circumstances, this damage could have been avoided if the pilot would have spent time examining the terrain.

Contour Maps

Many areas offer contour maps that can provide you with a visual of what the landscape may look like underwater. By plotting a course before engaging the engines, you can save yourself a great deal of aggravation and money spent on repairs. In most situations, it’s better to take the time to examine the landscape before taking action.

Using a Depth Finders

Regardless if you’re fishing or not, using a depth finder can help you avoid collisions. Although many of these devices cannot detect sunken trees and other obstructions with high accuracy, the level of the ground below can be easily displayed. These devices could give you the warning you need when traversing unknown waters before you scrape the bottom of your vessel across debris that can cause severe damage.

If you do manage to find underwater debris that damages the hull, you may need an expert in fiberglass boat repair. Depending on the type of vessel you have, repairs may be more involved than you may initially think, and someone with expertise in the hull’s composition can make the repairs less complicated.

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