Indulged Yourself With Bibingka

I have many favorite Filipino delicacies and they are really good food. Provinces in the Philippines may have their own native delicacies which marked their culture.

If given a chance and I encountered during my travel, I indulge myself with some kakanin. Among my favorites are nilupak (usually made of mashed kamoteng kahoy or sweet potato), ube halaya, puto bumbong and bibingka.

And just recently, when we were strolling at a mall, I saw a cart selling bibingka.

And for only P120 per box, I got home six pieces of this bibingka.

Truly a Pinoy taste!

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7 thoughts on “Indulged Yourself With Bibingka

  1. TJV: Was that from Bibingkinitan? Masarap nga sya pero preferred ko pa rin yung bibingka na tinitinda twing pasko. Pero ok na rin yan mura pa for P120 with six pieces. 🙂

  2. TJV: I love to eat Bibingka as long as it is hot 🙂 pero kakaiba yan sis may cheese ehehe para lang puto cheese:)

  3. TJV: I also love Bibingka or rice cakes. I used to look forward to Misa de Gallo each Christmas Season because of such. 🙂
    Now I am glad I need not wait for Christmas Season if i want to eat one. I love Bibingkinitan, Ferino’s and Iloilo’s macapuno Mini Bibingka.

  4. TJV: i really love bibingka, lalo na pag ang mommy ko ang nagluluto, i’ve seen bibingkas in the malls pero i have not tried buying pa. sabi nga ng sister ko itry ko ang Ferino’s. one of these days i’ll buy bibingka, bigla naman ako natakam ahaha

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