Indulge Yourself With MARINA’s Blue Marlin Steak

Indulge Yourself With MARINA’s Blue Marlin Steak

Imagine a tender, juicy, and tasty steak. Freshly prepared, cooked and served hot with green mango, onion and tomato bits topped with bagoong.

This mouth-watering Blue Marlin Steak will surely make you ask for more!


Blue Marlin Steak is one of MARINA’s best sellers. For only P125 per 100 grams, you’ll enjoy MARINA’s juicy Blue Marlin steak. It is much cheaper than other seafood restaurants that I have visited.

The Blue Marlin were all freshly caught and delivered from Iloilo, the root of MARINA Oysters and Seafood restaurant. You just have to wait for about 15 to 20 minutes before it will be perfectly grilled. Each steak is best if served hot.

Since the steak is so chunky, it will be enough to make your hungry stomach satisfyingly full! And by the way, a 700 grams is already good for 3 to 4 persons!



MARINA is now trying to change its image from being known as Oysters restaurant to a Blue Marlin steak haven. The restaurant is currently serving Blue Marlin Steak at 50 % OFF every MONDAY!!! This promo is until November 26, 2012 only. Invite your family and friends and experience a healthy fish steak.

Also, on their 25th anniversary on October 25th, they will be serving Oysters for only P25 from its regular price of P299!!! See more details on MARINA at 25!

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