How to Host a Healthy Summer Soiree

Weekend parties in the backyard are a highlight of summer. From grilling up burgers to enjoying a cold beer and margaritas in the warm weather, there is nothing better than a get together with friends in the summer. Yet, these parties often leave us feeling bloated and disgusting the next day and sometimes for the next several days!

This summer, host a party that incorporates healthy food and drink options, as well as fun activities to ensure that your guests have fun, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Whether you are hosting a baby shower, bachelorette party, or just a backyard barbecue, here are some easy ways to incorporate healthy options into your warm weather party.

The Food

Summer food, like burgers and hot dogs, tends to be heavy, which can leave us feeling full and gross in the summer heat. Instead of serving up food heavy main courses, try coming up with a menu that incorporates a lot of finger foods and small plate items. Think cheese and crackers, deviled eggs, or small tea sandwiches. You can even make sliders if you really can’t give up the burgers just yet. Also, try to incorporate fruit and vegetables, to keep the far healthy and low in calories. Your guests will be sure to thank you the next morning!

The Drinks

Summer cocktails are delicious, but often full of hidden calories. Many also contain sweet mixers that can give you a killer hangover the next day. For a healthier option, set up a do-it-yourself bar with a variety of liquors, light beers, and wine. Then add a few healthy mixers for alcohol that guests to choose from. Brands such as VLiNG provide mixers which are low in calories and sugar, while incorporating electrolytes which promote hydration. This will ensure fewer regrets the next day!

The Activities

While summer parties generally involve eating and drinking as the main activity, a healthy soiree should involve opportunities for guests to get active! Have a dance floor where you guests can let loose and burn some calories. You can also set up low-key games in your yard, such as croquet or cornhole. These will ensure that you guests will have tons of fun activities to keep them entertained and keep them active!

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