Great Food And The Antique Plates

Not just the old house, but a fine dining area will make you say “wow” at the Legarda House in Manila.

The table arrangements are so impressive. I felt so special sitting here. And I imagine the three well-known families eating in this table decades ago. The Murano Birds which adorned the table were purchased by Tita Moning herself during her first trip to Italy. They had used it as table centerpieces dating back to banquets in the 1920’s. And the bell, I refrained myself from using it. Hahaha! The servers might unnecessarily come to me and ask if I need assistance.

It was my first time to eat on an antique plate. I learned that these glassware and silverware I used are part of Don Alejandro and Dona Ramona’s inheritance and travels.

And the best part of this visit…. The original recipes of Legardas. I failed to took a picture of candied sweet camote, but it is so yummy! I haven’t taste such magnificent recipe!

The Menu (on the picture)
Fresh Kangkong and Grilled Pepper Salad with Caramelized Walnut and Homemade Walnut Vinaigrette
Whole Baked Lapu-Lapu
Slowly Roasted Pork with Chicharon (original recipe)
Paella Valenciana

Other Menu (not on the picture)
Candied Sweet Camote
Sauteed Fresh Vegetables
Organic Brown Rice
Caramelized Saba Bananas with Vermouth
Fresh Fruit Platter

They did tell me their secret, of course. But I had enough. I went home with a full and happy tummy.

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  1. TJV: very nostalgic! beautiful presentation, and lucky you to have dined with antique plates you said, o how i wished i had experienced it too

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