Graduation marks the end of a chapter in one’s life journey and paves the way for another chapter. This is something we all look forward to after years of burning the midnight oil to pass or to ace tests. Naturally, we want to celebrate our graduation looking our very best. This is why we take shopping for graduation dresses seriously. To make sure you look fab in this momentous occasion, here are three fashion trends this year that you can incorporate in your graduation dresses 2014:

Animal Print. Oh yes, animal print in a formal dress! You can unleash your wild side in leopard, peacock, or zebra prints while still looking perfectly elegant. The secret is in choosing the right cut and the right fabric so you won’t look like a living room rug clung on to you. Animal prints work well when paired with plain solid colors.

Neon Colors. Neons would definitely make you pop out among the crowd. No one would forget that classmate who wore the vivid yellow, hot pink, or electric blue graduation dress. Just don’t overdo it. Choose one neon color only and accent it with accessories in earth tones. Their mute and flat tones would give a nice contrast to the bright neon.

Black & White. If you’re quite conservative and want to stick to the formal black dress, you can still be fashion forward by injecting a bit of white to your ensemble. There’s certainly plenty of printed black and white dresses you can choose from. You can also opt to stick to your fave li’l black dress and use accessories in white. You’d be surprised what a touch of white can do to an otherwise boring plain black dress.

Whatever it is that you’re wearing, don’t forget to put a smile on your face. A smile is a much better accessory than a pair of sparkling earrings or a bejewelled necklace. Oh, and don’t forget to take pictures!

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