Foreigners Restricted From Entering Philippines Beginning March 22

The Department of Transportation (DOTr) on Friday said foreigners will be briefly banned from entering the Philippines considering the Department of Foreign Affair’s (DFA) request to suspend visa issuances and sans visa benefits because of the danger of COVID-19.

“There will be an impermanent travel restriction on foreigners entering the nation beginning 12 a.m., 22 March 2020,” the DOTr said in warning.

The move came about because of the issuance of DFA Foreign Circular No. 29-2020, which expresses that without visa benefits including those dependent on Visa Waiver Agreements, those under Executive Order 408, s.1960, and for holders of Hong Kong and Macau SAR travel papers, Macau-Portuguese visas, and British National Overseas identifications, are in like manner briefly suspended, viable March 22, 2020.

All recently given visas will be dropped and outsiders having visas given by the Philippine Foreign Service Posts, basically Temporary Visitor/Tourist visas, will be denied passage to the Philippines beginning March 22.

“Just OFWs, repatriating Filipinos, their outside mates and youngsters (gave that the remote life partner and kids are going with the Filipino national), remote government and worldwide association authorities certify to the Philippines, will be permitted to enter the nation,” the DOTr said.

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