Finestra Awesome Mixology at Solaire

Mixology is the fine craft of mixing cocktails as they defined it. It’s not a new experience but doing it at Solaire is one of a kind.

Solaire Finestra
A one of a kind mixology experience at Solaire!

I had an opportunity to attend the mixology event of Finestra Restaurant at Solaire with my co-bloggers last week to review and experience the great service and awesome mixology of Finestra restaurant. This was my first time to experience mixology event and i’m glad to be part of this opportunity.

Solaire Finestra
A great Finestra experience.

As we entered this place I was impressed with the interior of the restaurant. Stunning decor, and an open kitchen that gives you a wonderful view of how your food and drinks is being prepared. The ingredients and utensils were fully organized and they’re absolutely ready to be used for mixology event.

We were introduced to bar Staff’s and especially to Finestra mixologist of Solaire  Mr. Ryan Dela Cueva who explained in front and guided us on mixing some of their excellent selection of cocktails. We followed his procedures and successfully we made these mixed drinks creatively, look beautiful. 

Solaire Finestra
Duchess (a version of classic manhattan with mixed of cranberry and berry liquor) – mixed of 30 ml Cranberry, 15ml Bourbon Whisky, 15ml Chambord, 15 ml Cherry herring

Solaire Finestra
Margarita (classic all time favorite cocktail in Mexico since 1941) – mixed of 30ml reposado tequilla, 15ml cointreau, 15ml lime juice, demarara sugar and agave caviar pearl

Solaire Finestra
Smoked Russian (A variation of Black russian cocktail) – mixed of 30 ml smoked vodka, 10 ml infused tobacco kahlua, Cinnamon stick

Solaire Finestra
Aged Negroni ( Popular Itallian cocktail made in Florence, Italy during 1919. Decorated of Orange ice ball using Japanese ice ball machine) – mixed of 15ml hendricks gin, 15ml campari, 15ml campano antica

But it is not yet to finish the event. To see if which of us bloggers are have a potential of being mixologist, the bartender made a contest of mixing of cocktails and name it. We are excited and enjoyed the process of mixing with our own style and techniques (on the spot). Shake to the left’ stir too right! 😀

Solaire mixology
Judging our mixology!

Me and my team partner decided to have masculine drink contains of 30ml smoked vodka, 15ml cointreau, 30ml cranberry and the traditionally the one of the cocktails spirit, demerara sugar. We are not expect to be chosen as a winner because of our simple look of mixed drink, unlike to the other contestants was made their cocktails look beautiful with creative toppings. I Thankful for my team partner Kerwin, to the judges, and  to the bar staff was helpful and kind at advising the right drink our WinVin cosmopolitan got the first place! We just got lucky and surprised! Were all the winners because we are  enjoyed and experienced being one time mixologist.

Solaire Mixology
We had a challenging but great experience at Solaire.

Finestra is a “go to” authentic italian restaurant.

And special mention to their waiter’s Bartender’s who is super professional and has a really authentic italian mind. A perfect asset for Solaire and Finestra. DEFINITELY RECOMMENDED!!

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