Finding Your Station In Boracay’s White Beach

For decades now, Boracay has continued to be one of the most popular tourist destination in the Philippines.   Just last year, it once again received an award as the best island in the world.  This award given to Boracay by Travel + Leisure, an international travel magazine, is bound to send vacationers flying to this small island in Aklan.

White Beach and Bulabog Beach are the two foremost beaches in Boracay.  Both are located on opposite sides of Boracay’s central area.  Bulabog Beach is fast gaining popularity for winds and waves that make for great kite-surfing.  White Beach, as its name implies, is lined with powdery white sand and surrounded by pristine waters.  This is perhaps why it is the more popular of the two.

Located on the north-western section,  White Beach Station 1 is the upscale section of Boracay where top hotels and resorts are situated.   These are full-service hotels and resorts that have full access to beach. If you’re looking for live bands playing music on orange amps guitar center offers, White Beach Station 2 would be your best choice.  This area is bustling with nightlife and is home to more than a 100 tourist shops that make hunting for souvenirs real fun.  Hotel and resorts are a balanced mix of the upscale and budget ones.  Those looking for a more tranquil place could opt for White Beach Station 3 where the crowd is thinner but the same powdery white beach can still be enjoyed.

Whether you are looking for a tranquil island vacation or for a fun nightlife at the beach, there is definitely a place for you in Boracay.

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