Experience All-Year-Round Fun in Adventure Beach Waterpark-Subic Bay

It is not yet too late to have fun in the waters while some parts of the Philippines is now experiencing isolated rains and thunderstorms because of the weather systems like tropical depression, low pressure area and intertropical convergence zone affecting the country.

There is one place we know that you could enjoy swimming all year round – the Adventure Beach Waterpark in Subic Bay. The Adventure Beach is also a popular venue for all occasions and other group activities like team building.

Owned and operated by Subic Bay Marine Exploratorium Inc., the same company behind the operations of Ocean Adventure and Camayan Beach Resort, the 7,442.67 square meters Adventure Beach Waterpark is surely a place where you will want to come back again and again, especially for bonding with families and friends.

Why Visit Adventure Beach Waterpark?

We personally explored the place to know why it should be rated with 5/5 stars and why we should recommend it to our readers.

The first thing that will entice you to visit the place is its 3-in-1 appeal. It means, Adventure Beach Waterpark is not just a waterpark (1), but it is situated in the beach (2) and within a forested area (3). What could you ask for? You’ll be too close to nature!

Health and safety are important as well but so far, we find no reason to be concerned since the management of the Adventure Beach Waterpark believed to be strictly implementing related policies, thus read:

Health Policies:

Admission to the waterpark pool may be refused to anyone with diarrhea, any type of infectious disease, open sores, wound or rashes. In order to comply with local health codes for fecal and other contamination, all children who are not toilet trained must wear a swim diaper along with their bathing suit when in the water. A diaper cover is also recommended.

Pools will be closed immediately for an indefinite period if fecal matter is found in the pool area, asper the Park Health Regulations. Many chemicals are used to maintain a clean and safe pool environment. These chemicals are kept locked up and safety away from everyone using pools. Please see a lifeguard or pool staff immediately if you think you or someone may have accidentally come in contact with any pool chemicals.

We’ve heard news about incidents of deaths due to drowning in the pool or beach or some got hurt due to negligence or injured visitors weren’t able to receive appropriate first aid during accidents. But we want to believe that in Adventure Beach Waterpark, such issues will not happen.


The safety of our Member is our number one concern always. Management, in its sole discretion, reserve the right to close the pool, amend pool rules or policies, discipline or expel guest from the pool area or take any other action if it is in the interest of the safety of all pool participants.

First Aid

All lifeguards are trained in first aid. In addition, first aid supplies are located at the tiki tower and nurse station for any minor injuries, scrapes, bruises, sunburns, etc. An Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is kept at the clinic.

Of course, the best part in visiting Adventure Beach Waterpark – unbelievably exciting attractions, especially for water babies!

1. Twin Twister Slide
2. Aqua Serein
3. Splash and Play
4. Wading Pool
5. River Bend
6. Enchanted Kidz Shallow

Mr. Jaebi Murillo, the Digital Marketing Supervisor of Subic Bay Marine Exploratorium, Inc., discussed more about the waterpark.

Admission and Park Hours:

For just P688 for adult and P528.00 for Senior Citizen and Kids under 7years old and below (infants from 0 to 1 year old is free of charge), it’s an all-day fun for sure!

Open every Monday to Sunday, from 7:00am to 6:00pm but for long weekends, weekends and holidays, the operation will start at 8:00am to 5:00pm.

•Night swimming is subject to additional premium fee of 30% from the published rates and is required to have minimum number of 50 persons. Pre-booking is required.

Services and Amenities:

  • Pavilion 30-70 pax for P8,000 only and for half day rate P4,000 only
  • Big Square Cabana 15-20 pax P1,500 only
  • Octagon Cabana 6-8 pax P500 pax only
  • Square Cabana up to 4 pax P300 only
  • Tiki Tower 10-15 pax P2,500 only


  • Table and Chairs: 1 table 4 chairs for Php300.00 only
  • Lockers 150 units for Php150.00 Whole day
  • Kayak Double for Php300.00 in 30mins and Php450.00 for 1 hour
  • Kayak Triple for Php400.00 in 30mins and Php650.00 for 1 hour

Food and Beverages

•They have Forest Grill and Adventure Snack Bar inside that offers scrumptious grilled foods and a selection of grilled sandwiches that will satisfy your taste.

•Grilled food is also available for family in Bilao festival good for 5-10 persons. All food and beverages consumed at the waterpark must be purchased at one of their outlets.

Here are some important reminders that you must know prior visiting:

•No glass is allowed inside the waterpark.
•No personal toys, bicycles or skateboards are allowed in waterpark.
•No smoking inside the waterpark except for the designated area near the adult pool.
•No chewing gum allowed in the waterpark.
•No outside food and beverage may be brought inside the waterpark.
•No food or drinks allowed in the swimming pools and/or beach area.

Adventure Beach Waterpark General Rules:

1. Guests are permitted only to occupy the assigned tables or cabanas by the management. The management or staff reserves the right to move the guest(s) who are not occupying their assigned accommodation.

2. The Adventure Beach management has no liability for the loss of theft of patron’s personal belongings. Lockers are available for a rental fee.

3. Possession of deadly weapons and of/or being under the influence of severe alcohol intoxication is strictly prohibited. Any guest(s) found violating this rule will be removed from the park premises immediately.

4. Bringing of alcoholic beverages inside the park is strictly prohibited. The management and staff have the authority to confiscate any liquor found in your belongings.

5. Foods and drinks are not allowed inside. Eating and drinking while in the pools is strictly prohibited.

6. Bringing electric stoves, gas tanks, butane tanks are strictly prohibited.

7. Playing of music is allowed but should not be a disturbance to other guests.

8. Pets are not allowed inside the Park premises.

9. Smoking is prohibited inside the Park premises as per Executive Order No. 26 of the Philippines, Designate Smoking Area is located at the parking lot.

10. Medically compromised guest(s) must be accompanied by an adult at all times, especially in the pool and beach area. No plasters or people with open wounds, stitches or skin diseases are allowed in the pool.

11. Children 12 years old and below should be supervised by an adult all the time. Parents and Guardians are primarily responsible for the behavior and safety of their children.

12. Fences, railings and banisters should never be leaned on, sat and stood upon, twirled on or jumped over. Any damages to the property of the Park due to improper use or negligence will be charge to the person/s concerned.

13. Littering inside the park and beach area is strictly prohibited.

14. Horse-playing inside the Park premises is strictly prohibited.

15. No guest/s can use the swimming pools and/or beach when there’s no lifeguard on duty.

16. Guests are required to wear proper swimming attire; no denims, buttons, zippers, colored fading shirt, and other kinds of attire that is not suitable for pools and slides.

17. Shower first before using the pools.

18. Wearing of jewelries and any other metal objects are not allowed in the pool area.

19. Electronic gadgets such as phones, cameras, selfie sticks etc., are not permitted on any slide.

20. Wearing of sunglasses around or inside the swimming pools is strictly not allowed, for guest(s) wearing eyeglasses, glasses should be secured or not loosely fit.

21. Children 12 years and below are required to wear life jackets at all times while inside the park premises.

22. Babies and children who are not toilet trained should wear swimming diapers. Swimming diapers are available at gift shop.

23. The lifeguards and/or Health & Safety Team on duty has the authority to suspend pool privileges if rules are violated. Furthermore, the management has the final authority in the swimming pools and beach area of the park premises.

24. Before getting on the ride, make sure to observe the ride in operation and how people board and exit.

25. The marine environment- Adventure Water Park is in a marine sanctuary. Help us protect the environment by not removing any natural or living residents including corals, shells invertebrates and fish. You can meet some wonderful creatures in the sea, but just because they are pretty or interesting, does not mean they are friendly. There are animals in the sea that can sting or bite, so please, look but don’t touch.

26. The forest environment-Monkeys. You are in the middle of the forest that is home to many animals. Please remember that the cute monkeys are wild-not tamed-and have lost their fear of humans. They can scratch and bite and will be interested in your food! Please don’t approach them and do not feed them. They are also very curious animals. So, do not leave your belongings unattended.

For reservation:
Call +63 47 252-9000 or email – Info@adventurebeach.ph
Sales and Group Inquiry: Sales@adventurebeach.ph
Adventure Beach Waterpark is located at Camayan Wharf, West Ilanin Forest Area Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Philippines 2222


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