When travelling, your visit to any place is never complete without a taste of authentic local cuisine.  History and culture greatly influences what people cook and eat, so having a taste of indigenous cooking is one of the best ways you can understand a people’s unique culture.

Before embarking on your trip, you may browse through travel and food blogs and check out which local dining places they highly recommend.  These are usually your best bet for finding those tucked-away inns that offer the best food in town.  This is not to say though that every single review you read online is honest and reliable.  Take everything with a grain of salt as there a handful who post pictures that have already been enhanced using online design tools that make bland food look misleadingly delectable.

Once in your destination, talk to the locals and ask them where you can sample the best food in town.  Small eating stations in the local market usually offer the most authentic victuals with recipes and cooking techniques handed down from generation to generation.

Do not forget to try street side kiosks that offer quick snacks and lunches. These usually form the locals’ everyday fare and are indeed worth a bite.

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