Creating Travel Videos with the Movavi Video Editor

Do you enjoy capturing your trips by taking as many videos and photographs as possible? Most people tend to do just that nowadays – especially seeing as it is ever so convenient to do so with a smartphone or digital camera. But once you get back – what do you do with all that video?

Rather than letting it go to waste and sit unused on your hard drive, why not transform the videos (and possibly photos) that you captured into a full-fledged travel video? It won’t take much time to do so and while you may initially feel that it is too difficult an undertaking – the Movavi Video Editor should make it a lot easier.

Getting Prepared

All you need to get started creating a travel video is the video recordings that you want to include along with any photos that you’d like to insert. If you would only like to insert certain parts of particular videos, or remove bits of others then you should make note of them accordingly.

Before you start creating the actual video it would help to have a rough idea of the sequence in which you’d like the videos to appear too. Think of it as different ‘scenes’ that will make up the complete travel video when you’re done.

Creating the Video


When everything is ready, you can create the travel video by simply launching the Movavi Video Editor and adding the videos that you want to create to the software. It will automatically include them in the ‘Timeline’ and you can save it as a single video then and there if you want to.

Alternatively you could put the features of the Movavi Video Editor to work and really produce a great-looking travel video by:

• Cutting and combining segments of video to get rid of any unwanted footage and only include the bits that you want to in a particular sequence.
• Enhance the video quality and correct and common issues with recordings such as shaky, blurry or pixelated video.
• Add audio tracks to include background music by selecting an audio file (or several) that fits your travel video.
• Apply special effects and filters to alter the visual style and appearance of the video.
• Add customizable text as unique-looking captions, subtitles or watermarks.

Frankly there’s no end to the potential of the Movavi Video Editor and you could even learn how to make a cartoon and then apply the Chroma key effect to super-impose it onto your travel video as. By experimenting with the features that are available and letting your creativity loose, you’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish with the Movavi Video Editor in your corner.

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