Part of the appeal of traveling the world is to sample the various bistros and street food – and occasional high-end restaurants – of each and every destination travelers end up in. That’s all well and good; sampling the local delicacies is part of the vacation experience, after all. That being said, a lot of airports nowadays offer great dining options, with choices that range from the affordably scrumptious, to the elegantly delectable.

1. New York’s LaGuardia has a steakhouse headlined by celebrity chef Michael Lomonaco. Called the Prime Tavern, the place prides itself in offering only the best dry-aged prime beef to its customers.

2. According to, the UK’s Gatwick Airport accommodates more than 30 million passengers every year, making it one of the busiest airports in Europe. With that many flyers coming in and going out at all times of any given day, Jamie’s Italian accordingly serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Co-owned by top chef Jamie Oliver and his mentor Chef Gennaro Contaldo, one of the highlights of its menu is homemade-style artisan pizza.

(photo credit to the owner)

3. Over in Hong Kong International, Hung’s Delicacies has achieved quite a bit of renown among locals and visitors alike. It’s a “lou seoi” bistro whose insistence on value and excellence has earned it a Michelin Star Award for 3 consecutive years. Some of its must-tries include vegetarian goose, duck tongues in Chinese liquor, and chicken’s leg tendon with sesame.

There are many more airport restaurants that avid travelers – or even those just looking for quality dining – should definitely try out. Porta Gaig at Barcelona-El Prat, Airbrau Brauhus at Munich Airport, Altitude at Geneva International, and ink.sack at LAX are but a few prime examples. These all guarantee that even before you board your flight, your taste buds will already have been in seventh heaven.


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