Childish Act Is Dangerous Too

There are situations that we sometimes need helping hands to accomplish things. Like when you’re visiting a place for the first time and you don’t know where to conveniently stay and spend the rest of your vacation days, you will need someone to guide you well.

It is nothing different when our law enforcers need all the legitimate support it can get to effectively execute its mandate.

Don’t think that gasoline allowance is just a simple help. It can aid the policemen to check every corner of their area of responsibility thus police visibility is achieved and deter crimes.

This why a Metro Manila Mayor like Marcelino Teodoro probably forgot to think rationally when he allegedly cut his support to the local police in his City.

NCRPO Director Police Major General Guillermo Eleazar recently confirmed that the Mayor who PNP Chief Police General Oscar Albayalde called out is none other than Teodoro.

Albayalde & Eleazar
(photo credit to Philstar)

Teodor may felt disrespected when he wasn’t urgently informed the change of police command in Marikina City. Though the Mayors has the Constitutional power to appoint Chief of Police, the leadership of the mother unit of the local police which is the PNP, can also assign an officer in charge while waiting for the Chief of Police to be named.

If this incident is true, it should not happen again in any other cities or provinces in the country. NO, the security cannot be compromised with mere misunderstanding. The government officials should know better that it is their mandate to protect the public safety than let their childish act put everyone in danger.

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