You usually drink wine chilled, and serving it with ice is a no no.

But Emperador Distillers, Inc., the leading distillery in the Philippines, is now attempting to change the way Filipinos’ perception on wine-drinking as it introduces the Rossi Sweet Red from Carlo Rossi.

DSC00035As explained by Von de Torres, Managing Director of Emperador Distillers, there is now a growing acceptance for wine-drinking resulting in a burgeoning market, especially among women. This may be attributed to wine’s perceived health benefits. But here in the Philippines, she says sweet wines are still preferred over dry wines.

This preference for sweetness, according to de Torres, compromises the real wine experience because of the Filipinos’ very high inclination for sweet food and drinks that affect their wine choices. Sometimes, they end up settling on sweet “red wines” or simply alcohol-laced grape juice packed in bottles pretending to be wines.

Sweet Red consumer leaflet This is the reason why Emperador Distillers decided to launch Rossi Sweet Red, which is what real sweet red wine should be. Crafted from grapes grown in California’s sun-drenched vineyards, Rossi Sweet Red amazingly bursts with flavor and aroma.

It is soft and sweet with layers of vanilla, bright cherry and wild raspberry flavors. It has a soft velvety finish and the right alcohol content which is essentially what real sweet red wine should be,” she describes.

The company also encourages a more creative, fun, and less formal way of consuming wine. As opposed to the traditional “long-stemmed glass at room temperature,” Rossi Sweet Red is enjoyed with ice. De Torres said that having your “Rossi on the Rocks” in stem-less wine glasses will let you discover a different kind of sweetness.

While traditional wine-drinkers might scream heresy at wine with ice, some critics have actually noted that some types of wine are better when chilled or served with ice. The New York Times’ wine critic Eric Asimov made it clear in one of his columns that there are types of red wines that are perfect when chilled or with ice.

Rossi Sweet Red is a perfect staple beverage in any celebration, be it big or small, de Torres adds. It is also suitable to be consumed even on ordinary days as it is affordable, and can be a healthy alternative to iced tea or other beverages.

She also encourages wine drinkers to be more prudent in their choices. “These days wine-drinking goes beyond conveying status. Consumers should make more educated choices and be able to differentiate real wines from wine substitutes. That’s the only way one can truly enjoy wine-drinking.”

DSC00046 Cheers to a new taste of wine! Best enjoyed on the rocks!

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