Caluya: Antique’s Home of Unspoiled White Sand Beaches

If you’ve never been to Antique, then there is great reason to visit the province now — the Caluya Group of Islands.

Caluya is a first class municipality in the Province of Antique and is well known for its unspoiled beaches, seaweeds, clear water and coconut crab “Tatus.”

If you’re looking to experience an exotic waterfront location, deep caves, rocky mountain, countless coconut trees, and an exotic coconut crab, Caluya is a great destination.

Next to Boracay Island as your top choice of vacation spot could be one of the Caluya Group of Islands. They are just only few hours away from Caticlan.

Caluya deserves all the admiration because of its cultural gems. How the local government of Caluya preserve the beauty while improving the municipality is commendable.

Unspoiled Beaches

The municipality of Caluya is composed of 10 islands including Caluya, Semirara, Sibay, Sibato, Sibolo, Liwagao, Panatagan I, Panatagan II, Panatagan III, and Nagubat.

The beaches around the islands are white and serene, perfect for camping and family or group activities. There are areas which could be great spots for divers and snorkeling. Caves and rock formations will also thrill the adventurer instinct in you.

Don’t miss visiting the Tambalang (seaweed) farm too!

Experience Tatusan Festival

Caluyanhons are warm and kind.

Yearly, Caluyanhons celebrate the Tatusan Festival. It is a festival that expresses unity amidst diversity and is the very reason Caluyanhons come home to.

This year, the celebration begins on May 29 until June 1. And it could be our chance to hear them sing their song with zest: “O Caluya paraiso namun, mapabugal sa taguipusu-on…”

How to Get to Caluya Island:

(photo credit to the owner)


You will never get lost if you plan to visit Caluya in Antique. Read the guide below:

From Iloilo City
From Molo Terminal, Iloilo City, take a bus or van bound for Libertad, Antique. Travel time from Iloilo to Libertad may take an approximately 6 hours. Fare: Bus-Php 264/pax, van 300/pax

From San Jose, Antique
From Dalipe Terminal, San Jose, Antique, ride a bus or van going to Libertad, Antique. Travel time from San Jose to Libertad may take an approximately 4 hours. Fare: Bus- Php 164/pax, van 200/pax

From Caticlan
You can ride a bus at Caticlan Jetty Port bound for Antique and tell the driver to drop you at crossing Fullon. Then take another bus or tricycle going to Libertad, Antique. Fare: Bus A (from Caticlan) 50 pesos, Bus B (from Antique) 25 pesos.

The moment you’ve reached the Libertad Port, take a Ferry Boat (MV Express or MV Leonor) going to Caluya Island. The schedule of the trip is daily at 3:00AM. Travel time from Libertad port to Caluya is approximately 3 hours. Fare: MV Express/ MV Leonor- Php 450 + Php 20 Terminal Fee

Once you’ve landed the Caluya port, ride a tricycle going to the Town Proper. Fare: Tricycle-Php 50

Friendly Tour Guides to Assist You

Tour Guides are also available in the island. You may arrange to them your schedule prior to your visit in Caluya Island. Here’s the list of contact numbers of the tourism staff:
• 09123342555- Gino Montaño
• 09301642437- Amando Batad
• 09072849228- Rejan Dela Cruz
• 09501113009- Ernie Flores
• 09128057916- Joana Marie Aguilar

Or you may directly message their Facebook page for your queries.

Accommodations and Inns

No need to worry about the hotel and accommodations, the municipality have accredited establishments based in Caluya Island:

a. Island Tourist Inn- located at Banago, Caluya, Antique (contact #09399222291) –

b. Lumawig Pension House- located at Poblacion, Caluya, Antique (contact #09988867995/09506927498) –

c. Island Divers Caluya- located at Sabang, Caluya, Antique –

d. La Isla Tourist Inn- located at Poblacion, Caluya, Antique (contact #09182626944/09089480170)

Streetlights Adds Beauty and Deter Criminality

(photo credit to Caluya Municipality)

In 2016, Municipal Mayor Genevive Lim-Reyes aimed to lighted up Caluya, from major thoroughfares to barangay streets. And it’s finally a mission accomplished!

Mayor Reyes believe that by lighting up the streets is an anti-crime measure especially during the night. She’s confident that this move could better promote tourism in the municipality. Tourists would worry less of security and safety problems with the streetlights now illuminating the streets of Caluya.

Not just the safety and order in Caluya, Mayor Reyes and the rest of the local government officials also focused on the delivery of the best care possible to Caluyanhons in times of disasters and emergencies.

(photo credit to the Caluya Municipality)

This is why the good Mayor pushed the procurement of an ambulance and hopefully more will be granted to their local government.

The summer is yet over and if you’re still thinking of a great place to visit for adventure and embracing unspoiled nature, Caluya is a best option for you.

Visit Caluya Facebook page for updates and more information.

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