A Whole Lot Of Lovin’ From Britain’s Best Loved Biscuits

Giving “sweet somethings” may be the usual thing to do during Valentine’s Day. But when you give a gift of sweets to your loved one or special someone on Hearts Day, it doesn’t have to be always something decadent and sinful.


Why not offer him or her something that’s tasty and tummy-filling without all the transfat and sugar? In short, it should be healthy and good for the heart.

The McVitie’s Digestives, Britain’s best-loved biscuits, is a delicious wheat biscuit made using a traditional recipe and is generally considered as the perfect partner for a great cup of British tea.

Made from a blend of wheat flour and wholemeal, McVitie’s Digestives have all the goodness of wheat, and does not contain any artificial flavors or colors and definitely no hydrogenated fat.

This coming Valentine’s Day, give a gift that is good for the heart of your sweetheart or the one you love the most. You can definitely go for the McVitie’s Original Digestives or the Wholewheat Digestives, which contain sunflower oil.

If you are someone who enjoys biscuits in its purest sense, you can opt for McVitie’s Original Digestives, which is made using the same recipe blending wheat and wholemeal flour into a fine Digestive since 1892 but with 30 percent less fat! Each biscuit only contains 65 kcal (kilocalories), which means fewer calories than those found in a banana.

Now if you’re into something healthy and would like your loved one to remain healthy as well through a richer fiber intake in the diet, try the McVitie’s Wholewheat Digestives. By being made with 69% wholemeal wheat flour, this biscuit offers a tasty and delicious way to maintain you and your loved one’s Digestive system’s health.

However, for those who cannot resist the temptation of showing how sweet they are by giving something indulgent or decadent on Valentine’s Day, which is usually associated with chocolates, try the McVitie’s Milk Chocolate Digestives, which is covered in delicious milk chocolate.

Here’s one bit of trivia: did you know that 75 million packets of McVitie’s Milk Chocolate Digestives are eaten each year, for an amazing 52 biscuits per second?

McVitie’s Dark Chocolate Digestives, on the other hand, is a mouth-watering combination of strong, almost bitter cocoa flavor of dark chocolate with the sweet crumble of the Digestive. For those with an adventurous palate that’s willing to try out everything, then McVitie’s Dark Chocolate Digestives is the treat for you.

Still confused on what to get? Get all four and show your true love how much you love him or her. After all, as they say, the nearest way to a man’s (or even a woman’s) heart is through the stomach.

McVitie’s Digestive Biscuits are available in leading supermarkets nationwide.

For more about the McVitie’s Digestives range of products and other information, go to http://www.mcvities.com or http://www.facebook.com/McVitiesDigestives.

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