I was fortunate to experienced a tour and a fine dining in a old and historical house of Legarda in Manila.

The Legarda House, which is located at San Rafael Street in Manila, was built in 1937. It was one of the first “art deco” houses built in the city. Dr. Alejandro Roces Legarda and his wife Ramona raised their four children under that roof.

Members of Valdes-Prieto-Legarda clan used to live together under one roof. And now, about three generations of the Alejandro Legarda clan occupied the house. It is still being occupied by his children and grandchildren until today.

Upon entering the old house, you can see this blue painting by Filipino artist Oscar Zalameda and is entitled Sailboats. It was purchased for P3,000 only in early 1970’s by Ramon H. Legarda. The painting now has a value over 300 times of its purchase price.

As you enter the library room, collections of medical books and encyclopedia of Dr. Legarda are still preserved.

I don’t want to scare you but the skeleton that you see on the picture is real. Dr. Alejandro used this in Medical school. This is where Dr. Legarda saw his patients. And since he is an OB gynecologist by profession, one of his sons was born in this clinic.

At the second floor of the house, this painting of La Inocencia will caught your attention when you enter the living room.

La Inocencia was painted by national artist Felix Ressureccion Hidalgo in Paris in 1901. It is believed to be a painting of Hidalgo’s mistress in France.

Interestingly, Alejandro Roces Legarda was an avid member of the Philippine Amateur Radio Association. And these were his antique radio communication equipment.

I was impressed by how they preserved the house. I am a fan of antiques.

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