A Goodluck Gift For Christmas

A Goodluck Gift For Christmas

It is traditional for the Japanese to give out during the New Year boxes of sweet rice cakes known as mochi. It is believed that if you give mochi to your family and friends, you are wishing them good health and fortune for the coming year.

But something as delicious as mochi is just too delectable to be eaten once a year. Eventually, the Japanese made mocha an everyday snack, something you could enjoy at anytime of the year. On ordinary days, it is served plain with just a variety of condiments to flavor the rice cake. Popular add-ons include roasted soybean flour, crushed dried seaweed (nori) and even soy sauce.

This Christmas holiday, why not spread good health and fortune with your family and friends by giving them boxes of Tokyo Café’s Mochiya?

MOCHI 02Just like the traditional mochi, these little rice cakes are made using glutinous flour that has been prepared just the way the Japanese do. Each order of Tokyo Café’s Mochiya comes in a decorative box of either 6 or 12 pieces. What’s more, all orders of Mochiya come with a free cup of coffee.


Tokyo Café’s Mochiya come with a variety of sweet fillings that will surely please your taste buds.

Those who like chocolate can choose from the Shirayuki (white chocolate with pistachio bits) and Koakuma (dark chocolate with rum). Only the best chocolate fills your mouth with each bite of these Mochiya.

For those who want fruit-flavored Mochiya, go for the Tenshi (lemon custard) or Asahi (mango cream). Think of summer and warm nights by the beach when you sink your teeth into these little rice balls.

For something unconventional, why not try the Himawari (sweet cheese) Mochiya? If you’re crazy about things cheesy, this is the Mochiya for you.

However, if you want something plain and simple, then the Ninja (sweet red bean paste) Mochiya is just perfect with coffee.

Tokyo Café’s Mochiya is available in gift boxes of 6 and 12 pieces, while a sampler of three is also available. They make perfect presents for all your friends.

All orders of Tokyo Cafe’s Mochiya, whether dine-in or takeout, come with a free cup of hot or iced specialty blend coffee of your choice.

Tokyo Café’s Mochiya will be available until January 13, 2013 only.

Tokyo Café’s Mochiya is available at branches in SM Mall of Asia, SM North EDSA, Go Hotels at Robinsons Cybergate, SM Megamall, SM Southmall, and Venice Piazza at McKinley Hill.

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11 thoughts on “A Goodluck Gift For Christmas

  1. Sounds amazing! I wonder if there is a good at home recipe? I would love to try the chocolate ones of course!

  2. I’m so glad I live in the Pacific northwest. Because of the Asian influence on this area, I don’t have far to go to find mochi. That stuff is addictive!

  3. I think it is amazing that the different food traditions exist around the world. This food sounds delicious but again it is a part of tradition. I think as Americans, it is important that we keep our traditions, such as pecan pie. Every nation has it’s own influence-Christmas around the world!

  4. I’ve never heard of these treats, but as a person living in the south east, it is understandable, in my opinion. However, they do sound really tempting and delicious. I’ll have to check to see if I can find a recipe to make these myself. Thanks for the tip.

  5. Now this sounds like something I could eat. I really like rice cakes and this would definitely hit the spot. Makes me wonder how many calories they have.

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