There’s nothing more dangerous than thinking you can’t do anything to protect yourself. If you’re too scared or you get caught up in the idea that you are weak, then that will be your kryptonite. Before you start thinking where can you buy a stun gun, we bust some myths about self-protection:

1. Scream for Help
You have very limited time to act so use it accordingly. Screaming for help will cost you critical time, which you can instead use to take out your self-defense stick.

2. Cause Pain

There’s no need to cause the attacker pain or hurt. It’s more important to injure the person so you can have the chance to escape.

3. Begging the Attacker
Talking your way out of the situation will not help. You need to do something, and you have to do it fast.


4. Have Technical Skills
More than having technical self-defense skills, what is more essential is injuring the attacker. It doesn’t even matter how the injury happens. The only thing crucial is that it does.

5. Being Physically Fit Can Help
Your fitness level will not determine if you survive an attack or not. The best way to look at things is to focus on hitting key body points to maximize injury.


6 Blocking the Attacks
Focusing on how to block the attacks can cause you to overthink so you’re actually left a step or two behind the attacker. Put more attention to what you’re doing and let the attacker worry about your next move.


7. Backing away
Do not go backward as it will give the attacker an opportunity to lunge forward. Be aggressive.


8. Only the Fearless Survives
Fear will get you out of the situation. Your survival instinct to fight-or-flight will pave the way for you do something and get away from harm.


9. Many and Fast Hits as Possible
You need to strategize about your moves. Hitting the attacker as many times and as fast as possible will not give maximum impact. Instead, choose to make one big hit that will cause most injury.


In any case, placing hidden security cameras in your home can help a great deal to help you out with your safety.

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